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    Orthopedic Surgeon/Rodeo Doc/SB team coach
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    and 40 more boards my wife wishes I didn’t have
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    You name it, I’ve got it, but all goofy
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  1. Both unaware of their surroundings. Skier was absolutely uphill, but boarder came across so fast from a long distance away. And the skier was right in his field of view. He should have avoided her.
  2. I’ll take them shipping to US, CA 96001
  3. Yeah, not doing that... they would probably load me in the ski patrol basket head downhill just to punish me for the attempt
  4. One of our racers likes to play around at practice. Watch the first three gates. I would literally break something if I tried this
  5. should be fixed now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqCaq-8z2IU
  6. Yep trying to fix that. Not so good at youtube
  7. Video of one our high school league top hardbooters at practice. Pay attention to the top half of the run!
  8. Grip, Are your SG bindings new? My experience has been that when new they take a lot of adjusting - get loose through the day. Then they seem to “settle in” after a while and quit doing that. Paul
  9. Gotta be an issue with boot shrink/expansion due to temperature, because no way does the TD3 actually change length during the day, just can’t. Or maybe it is that huge quiver combined with CRS syndrome thing Paul One other thought...keep your boots in the freezer and drive to the hill with them on the top of your car. Should make it so they don’t shrink during the day
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