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Coiler Contra 166 A/T (23.5 wide) - Sold (kinda)

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Yup, selling this one.

Though you can ride it with softboots it's really happiest with hardboots. It's one of the friendliest and most versatile HB board I can think of. It's very quick to turn and is nicely damp. Floats really really well in powder (if it can float in CO fluff it can float ANYWHERE).

Really cannot say enough good things about this one. The only thing for me is that it is too narrow for my current use of softboots and that's why I'm letting it go.

This particular board has been ridden approx 20 days. 23.5cm waist, ~10.5m contra sidecut, 180lbs rider. The base is 9/10, has 2 deepish marks on it (about 1mm deep) plus the usual scuffs on the topsheet. Never been ground yadda yadda yadda.




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In my eyes, this is prob the best all mountain board going round...

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4 hours ago, daveo said:

prob the best all mountain board going round

For sure at that price!!     $450 + Shipping!!!

Can't believe it still up for grabs!

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11 minutes ago, barryj said:

For sure at that price!!     $450 + Shipping!!!

Can't believe it still up for grabs!

Well .. at any price really. For me, anyway. I'd take it if there wasn't something out of my control preventing me.

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25 minutes ago, bigwavedave said:

Supposedly, it's a copy of my green one, specs here:


Not supposedly. It is, in fact a copy. I specifically told Bruce: “like this one” 🙂


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  • JRAZZ changed the title to Coiler Contra 166 A/T (23.5 wide) - Sold (kinda)
17 minutes ago, JRAZZ said:

She gone... best of all, she gone in a trade with a friend so if I want I get to ride it 🙂


In some circles, this is known as “swinging...”

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35 minutes ago, JRAZZ said:

she gone in a trade

Whew!  Thank goodness!!     I don'r think my resistance could have lasted  one more day!

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    • By Denis Lafrance
      SOLD---------------COILER STUBBY V2,  2019 , 175 LONG 20 CM WIDE 13/14m SIDECUT
      Bought the board brand new in 2019 with magnificent snakeskin deco with top carbonium, base look as it was new, no scratch or dig.  Its short overall length with comparatively long effective combined with a moderately speedy sidecut is a potent combo for all around fun. It's a super fun ride which can handle a lot of your daily carving duties. If you want to carve while dragging your elbow in the snow this is your board. Really look like a brand new board.
      595$ + shipping 

    • By D.T.
      I’m selling this board for a friend. This is 165cm Coiler Race Carve Classic (RCC).  It was built for a ~130lb female rider.  She rode the board less than 5 days; she was never comfortable on it.  The RCC is a single sidecut radius (not VSR).  The waist is 18cm.  The board was built during the 2007/2008 season.
      The price is $400.  I will ship the board at the buyers expense.  Buyer must take care of the logistics, send me a shipping label and I will drop the packages board off at the chosen carrier.

    • By Scott.Creer
      I am selling some gear. Time to get down to a reasonable quiver.
      sold - Coiler NSR+ ASM - 182cm long, 21cm Waist, UMP and 4 hole - less than 30 days on it (it was a large turn for small Midwest slopes, was amazing in CO though!) - $250
      SOLD - Coiler VSR - 170cm long, 21 cm waist, 4 hole pattern - average radius 13m - this one is well ridden. it was my go to board. It could turn tight, ride soft stuff great, it was amazing. - $200
      SOLD - Coiler VSR - 161cm, 21cm waist, 4 hole pattern - average radius super tight - this is amazing and the newest of the 3 boards. Official radius is 6.6+11. It is a tight turning bronco. I loved this board on cold days when I want the legs to work and keep me sweating. Might not be a great choice for a run a mile long. - $300
      sold - 1 pair of TD3s for sale (plus extra parts) - $250. has a 3 degree and 6 degree cant disc.
      SOLD - Deeluxe Track 325 - 28.0-28.5 shells - These are cut and customized so the boot can fully flex. I also have a strap on there from a cracked set of heads. Extra parts comes with so you can get the fit perfect for you. - $100
      Available - Volkl Cross 167 - $50
      Available - K2 Maysis - size 10 - great boa stiff boot for soft boot riding. I actually have size 9 version. they run on the larger side.
      *I will cover shipping to US and Canada
      Boards are in great shape, with reasonable wear for their age and use. They have never been base ground. Edges tuned maybe 2-3 times a season with mostly diamond stones. The NSR and VSR have some epoxy on the sidewall to protect from boots rubbing the metal layer as you are skating.
      Photos below. I can send more detailed photos to those interested.

    • By JRAZZ
      Ouch but yes. The evidence is clear. I enjoy softboot riding more. If the day is perfect, I feel great and the slope is good I can link a carve or two but in reality it's hard work and I suck at it. After 4 years it's time to go in the direction my legs are telling me. These are awesome boards and I really love them but I have not ridden them this year and probably will not ride them. 
      1) Coiler Nirvana Free Carve Balance (NFCB) 174 - 10/12.7/12, 20cm waist, made for a 180 lbs rider. (T 174 NFCB 019 ER 6.5+6) 
      Board has about 25 days on it. Base and edges are in excellent condition. SOLD
      2) Coiler Monster 184 - 11/13.7/13, 21cm waist, made for a 180 lbs rider. (T 184 M 020 JVR 6.1+9)
      Brand new board. I have not been able to ride it. Not selling (unless you REALLY want it)
      3) F2 Intec Titanium bindings. 
      2x new bindings (blue) - new in box with all the wedges, bolts, straps and instructions.  One has 2 days on snow while the other has 0.- SOLD
      1x black - used but in great condition. Front is flat and the back has 6deg lift and 3 deg cant wedges. - SOLD
      4) Deeluxe Free69 boots MP27 with Deeluxe liners, Fintec heels and BTS. (yes, I'll reinstall the toe strap) SOLD
      Buyer is responsible for shipping. 

    • By GeoffV
      Need to thin the herd and make room for new toys!
      This board is in pristine condition. It has been lightly used and only has 12-15 days on it. It is so new that it does not have binding marks. Built for around 180lbs rider. Has one professional tune, 3 side 1 base
      For sale:
      Coiler Nirvana Vcam
      Length: 174 cm
      Sidecut Radius: 12-14m
      Waist: 20cm
      Taper: 16mm
      Buyer pays shipping. Payment via PayPal or Venmo

    • By Tddragon
      Coilex 170EX built for 160lb but seems much much stiffer then that. Much stiffer then any of my virus boards. Rode it only once. To stiff for me. Not original owner. Original owner had only a dozen days on it.
      base and edges in great condition topsheet has a few minor scuffs. 
      Asking price is what I paid for it this spring 250 + shipping
      Nose 27cm, waist 22cm, tail 26.5cm
      sidecut is 12m
      Here is original listing:



    • By D.T.
      I haven't been riding much the last few years so it might be time to thin the heard.
      180cm JJA Cypress - ridden twice. The board is in excellent condition. Includes the JJA plate and two 3 degree Bomber TD3 BP version base plates. I know some of the JJA's had issues with insert alignment and pull-out. I've played with the position of the plate and baseplates on multiple occasions and have never had any issues. I don't know which factory manufactured this board, but I do know it was in the first batch of boards made commercially available in the US. Serial number 0180 0158.
      Price $1200 OBRO + shipping or pick-up in Denver.
      SOLD - 161 Coiler SL - ridden once. This is a copy of the board that Bruce built himself and won the nationals in ~2013. Sidewall engraving: T161SL 014DT - 6.8+11. The waist width is 20cm.
      SOLD - Price: $700 OBRO + shipping or pick-up in Denver.

    • By D.T.
      SOLD - I haven't been riding much the last few years so it might be time to thin the heard.
      161 Coiler SL - ridden once.  This is a copy of the board that Bruce built himself and won the nationals in ~2013.  Sidewall engraving: T161SL 014DT - 6.8+11.  The waist width is 20cm.
      SOLD - Price: $600 OBRO + shipping or pick-up in Denver.

    • By cafercr35
      Moved to Florida, selling to move to Kiteboarding. Custom Metal Coiler 180RC(180x18.8x11.5x159 contact) $650. Deeluxe Indy boots with modable liners, step in heels, blue springs  $250. Catek OS2 bindings $150. Catek plates $50. $1100 total - take all for $1000.
      All equipment one owner and in great shape. Board never ground down. Tons of base and edge left. Normal wear on top sheet.
      All extra hardware for OS2s(standard bails,extra screws and allens), plus original parts for boots(original springs and heels) tossed in.
      You pay shipping.

    • By Québec man
      Coiler ECVC 174
      practically new ... was used only 5 days in total. FOR BIG RIDERS (185lbs and up) a unique piece.  Base was wax
      $ 475 USD + shipping.

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