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I am selling some gear. Time to get down to a reasonable quiver.

sold - Coiler NSR+ ASM - 182cm long, 21cm Waist, UMP and 4 hole - less than 30 days on it (it was a large turn for small Midwest slopes, was amazing in CO though!) - $250

SOLD - Coiler VSR - 170cm long, 21 cm waist, 4 hole pattern - average radius 13m - this one is well ridden. it was my go to board. It could turn tight, ride soft stuff great, it was amazing. - $200

SOLD - Coiler VSR - 161cm, 21cm waist, 4 hole pattern - average radius super tight - this is amazing and the newest of the 3 boards. Official radius is 6.6+11. It is a tight turning bronco. I loved this board on cold days when I want the legs to work and keep me sweating. Might not be a great choice for a run a mile long. - $300

sold - 1 pair of TD3s for sale (plus extra parts) - $250. has a 3 degree and 6 degree cant disc.

SOLD - Deeluxe Track 325 - 28.0-28.5 shells - These are cut and customized so the boot can fully flex. I also have a strap on there from a cracked set of heads. Extra parts comes with so you can get the fit perfect for you. - $100

Available - Volkl Cross 167 - $50

Available - K2 Maysis - size 10 - great boa stiff boot for soft boot riding. I actually have size 9 version. they run on the larger side.

*I will cover shipping to US and Canada


Boards are in great shape, with reasonable wear for their age and use. They have never been base ground. Edges tuned maybe 2-3 times a season with mostly diamond stones. The NSR and VSR have some epoxy on the sidewall to protect from boots rubbing the metal layer as you are skating.


Photos below. I can send more detailed photos to those interested.




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On 1/26/2021 at 4:11 PM, Carve99 said:

Interested in the boots.  Does it have the sole length?  Im thinking it should be 303 to fit me.  Can you elaborate on the plastic trimming you did.

The trimming I did was where the top part meets the heel strap. Originally that cuff hit and prevented flex to happen. So I cut that corner off.

303 is what is printed on the heel.



On 1/26/2021 at 3:14 PM, Scott.Creer said:

Also adding a pair of K2 - Myasis boots to this for $100 - size 10 (but they are packed out and likely size 10.5) - only ridden 10-12 days












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  • Scott.Creer changed the title to 3 Coilers, 2 TD3s, track 325s, & K2 myasis
  • Scott.Creer changed the title to 3 Coilers, 2 TD3s, track 325s, & K2 maysis
  • Scott.Creer changed the title to 1 Coiler NSR and 2 TD3s for sale

Price now includes shipping.

On 2/3/2021 at 6:55 PM, MNSurfer said:

I've tried regular plates with my Deluxe, and they don't work, that's for sure. Now with my UPZ's, I'm just assuming they'd need the same Long plates. Maybe not??? 

Your still local right? I could set them up at there longest setting and meet you at afton or something to see. If they are still too small, they won't work, if they are too big they always can be adjusted down.

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