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  1. Honestly i don't know the value of these.... I would say 100 + shipping?
  2. Bought these a few years ago on here thinking my kid would use them if he ever was getting into race snowboard. Turns out he joined the racing ski club and has no time for hard booting.... They were well used by the previous owner (did some research but couldn't find who...). Everything works, liners are 23M but shell size is 22-24.5. Open to offers, hopefully will go to someone that will use them....
  3. Email sent on the Vsr and a pair of td3.
  4. Salut a tous Je suis tombé par hasard sur une Kessler 159 a Noël que j'ai acheté. Apres quelques jours dessus, je trouve la board un peu soft pour moi avec mes 215 lbs. Cela conviendrait plus a quelqu'un dans les 180 lbs. Est ce que cela intéresse quelqu'un? Il y a des marques de plaques sur le top sheet mais a part ca assez clean. 400$
  5. I'll take one of the fc 163!
  6. Hey guys Do i use the rear bail of the standard bindings for the front of the stepin binding retrofit? Thks for the help
  7. Hi guys Size on them is 26-28.5 You pay shipping B.
  8. Ok habs2c Please contact me in pm for adresse of pickup. B.
  9. Hi everyone If someone is interrested i have some head stratos shells.(no liners) The right hell.is starting to break where the rear bail goes. If you want parts let me know before i dump them. B.
  10. I love F2 products...i just bought a speedster I just remember that back in the days the plastic toe bail of plates would break. Regardless of brands....
  11. Hmmm....i dont trust the front plastic bails of the F2 or the SG.... Here in the northeast they break like nothing when it's cold. Looks like i should.try step ins then. Anybody else care to.add something?
  12. Hi guys I am on my second rear bail failure of the season. (Front foot both times) Starting to wonder if i should switch to stepins.... Which one is supposed to be stronger? I knom stepins have less "play". I bought a new F2 speedster 163 WC, definitely stiffer than my old coiler angry. Would that be related? I am 6'1 and 215 lbs wondering what kind of bindings the "big boys" are running here.... Thks for the input!
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