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  1. Yes. For me, XL was big with 10.5. Driver X. Now, i have Adidas boots and Flux XF. I tried to netralize the lack of cushion on Flux bindings with the Energy Adidas boots. Then. I noticed weird underfeet feeling I am not used to. Then, tinkering with 3D cants material to compensate. Who knows. I may tinker with isolate plates next. Never-ending experiment.
  2. Phiokka bindings and Palmer risers are sold. Flow NXT & Palmer Crown are pending.
  3. More photos on Phiokka and edge condition of Palmer Crown, as the request of BlueB. https://imgur.com/a/VYfC7JN
  4. Sent it again to .biz after tried .ca.
  5. @BlueB Send an email with more photos. Let me know since there are others waiting. @garybergmann Sure. I can do that. But shipping and handling will cost $49. Check yourself on USPS.com for Priority Mail International® Medium Flat Rate Box. Ship from 20152. . Let me know. @jsa you are next in line after garybergmann @davekempmeister Yup. I work in Tysons nowaday. Let me know when you are coming over to Stone Spring. Folks, I have to compare post times and message-received times to keep this sale fair. and there are quiet few prospects. So, please let me
  6. This season was a washout for me. Only few times on slopes due to change of work. Hope to ride more on next season. Anyway, I got some softboot stuff for sale. Flow NXT XL bindings - Used for few seasons. After many pairs of bindings trials, I settled with Flux and don't wear green pants any more. $80 Salomon SP3 L/XL bindings - Old but one of my favorites due to fast toe strap tightening mechanism and very cush straps. $50 Palmer Crown 158 - Titanium, Carbon, Honeycomb, etc. modern tech. on old deck. $100 Palmer PLS Shock Riser - 13mm lift. Sold Phiokka
  7. Has anyone ridden the board? I saw one at local shop and it had titanium, carbon, and honeycomb construction that is relatively modern tech. for such an old board
  8. I asked Shane for wider version for next year model. He replied that he needs to see more volume for such change. Totally understand him since it gets manufactured by 3rd party (Nidecker factory) Only tweak for next year model will be more forwarded inserts placement as of current.
  9. I know. I was on the MAC list too. For carpool, yeah. I'm up for it. I live near IAD area and usually take Rt 15 up, with kids. There are few rider in DC, Jason and few European riders that I have met at WT. I will post here when I go up. With this warm/rain spell, I don't think I'm going up any time soon tho. Congratulation on your wedding.
  10. Awesome! I can't wait to see your review on this year's. Shane is twicking other model for one of Korean National Team rider for next year model. CO riders' reviews on D.O. will also be considered too.
  11. Awesome Lance, I'll PM you.
  12. Okay. here we go again. No opening date for any of them yet. But I'm ready to ride. I included Roundtop this year since.... I was impressed with RT last season. It's +2 hours drive from me (near IAD) but few good pitches slopes and wide-open Minuteman are calling me again. Let's use this tread for riding day and condition. Safe riding~
  13. Hey CO carvers~ I got a business trip next week in Denver and may able to ride on Saturday 12/8 morning. Eldora would be the ideal one since I need to catch a flight on 5 pm. Does anyone ride on that day?
  14. Let me check mine since I haven't tried them with UPZ. If longer one works, sure. BTW, do you have extra square nuts that goes underneath plate to hold bail block? I improvised few from hardware store but are not exact. Ironically, I am holding on to these ancient bindings (but IMO, best board feeler) for skwal, which I don't have.
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