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  1. Garmin Varia I was thinking about installing this on rear boots. Then, realized it detects & alerts for coming vehicle 140m behind. My hills are shorter than that. Bummer.
  2. Looking for F2 Carve RS Center Discs. I have older version that similar to Race Titanium but newer one seems different.
  3. Not really. Still flexible. SG FR 170 pending.
  4. 2015? Not sure. SCR=15.7m, SG used to publish recommended weight range but not any more. I say +160lbs. Full spec. is at SG site, https://www.sgsnowboards.com/snowboards/sg-full-race-titan-2/ I have ridden SG 163, 170, 175, 180, and 185 and stiffness-wise it's par with 163 and 185 but more versatile with its length.
  5. SG Full Race 170 Has few scratches on base after riding very thin layer at Steamboat. Edges are all there. one ding in toe side (I will add the photo tomorrow). This is one of most versatile boards. Hate to let go but got bitten by backcountry type of riding. https://imgur.com/aGDY0XS https://imgur.com/HjN2p15 https://imgur.com/dCRoo1N Still can't figure image inserting way in this new forum. SOLD F2 Race Titanium Bindings (Large) Should fit m26.5–m31.0 boots. 5.9 mm bails. Used few years. Center disc covers are missing. https://imgur.com/iKmhQni https://imgur.com/VWdGJ3q $170+Shipping at cost (probably USPS Priority Medium box) or trade for Medium or Small F2 Race Titanium Payment thru PayPal friends/family.
  6. PM sent for 161 VSR
  7. In addition, I noticed that F2 RS Carve bindings is supposed to be fit 22.5 - 31.5, the shortest distance between bails barely works on UPZ 24 boots. I use M for UPZ 28 boots. Centering the UPZ boots always resulted as front bail all the ways extended and back bails toward center. That is only way to center (as close as I can) them.
  8. Don't forget the discussed condition when I handed it to you. If you ever decide to let it go, I will take it back at the price - $ amount of fun you had (compared to others) on Impact, which means you will need to hand it over to me for free & probably a rad air 200. Not Beluga.. but few BOL members have Blitz and Overdose. I know you are addicted to Pow and long sticks but Blitz is "supersized" Impact. you will love it. Let's ride together this year. I got something you will love to try on this year (again).
  9. Yes. For me, XL was big with 10.5. Driver X. Now, i have Adidas boots and Flux XF. I tried to netralize the lack of cushion on Flux bindings with the Energy Adidas boots. Then. I noticed weird underfeet feeling I am not used to. Then, tinkering with 3D cants material to compensate. Who knows. I may tinker with isolate plates next. Never-ending experiment.
  10. Phiokka bindings and Palmer risers are sold. Flow NXT & Palmer Crown are pending.
  11. More photos on Phiokka and edge condition of Palmer Crown, as the request of BlueB. https://imgur.com/a/VYfC7JN
  12. Sent it again to .biz after tried .ca.
  13. @BlueB Send an email with more photos. Let me know since there are others waiting. @garybergmann Sure. I can do that. But shipping and handling will cost $49. Check yourself on USPS.com for Priority Mail International® Medium Flat Rate Box. Ship from 20152. . Let me know. @jsa you are next in line after garybergmann @davekempmeister Yup. I work in Tysons nowaday. Let me know when you are coming over to Stone Spring. Folks, I have to compare post times and message-received times to keep this sale fair. and there are quiet few prospects. So, please let me know asap so that next in lines doesn't have to wait. Thanks.
  14. This season was a washout for me. Only few times on slopes due to change of work. Hope to ride more on next season. Anyway, I got some softboot stuff for sale. Flow NXT XL bindings - Used for few seasons. After many pairs of bindings trials, I settled with Flux and don't wear green pants any more. $80 Salomon SP3 L/XL bindings - Old but one of my favorites due to fast toe strap tightening mechanism and very cush straps. $50 Palmer Crown 158 - Titanium, Carbon, Honeycomb, etc. modern tech. on old deck. $100 Palmer PLS Shock Riser - 13mm lift. Sold Phiokka bindings - I have held onto these for long time to put on skwal or skinny board. But it didn't happened. IMO, the closest (responsive) and lightest (aluminum) bindings. Few bail blocks' engaging square nuts are missing. Simple DIY from hardware store will complete the bindings. Sold Donek Saber SRT 167 - Beast. This is not built for my local hills. I needed serious speed to bend it. 18m SCR, 25.5 cm waist. $150 Ride Lowride 138 - If you have a kid who needs it, free. If you want the stomp pad, the board comes with it. so $10. https://imgur.com/a/5Co7SXX Shipping thru USPS Priority. Let me know your address for a shipping quote. PayPal as a gift.
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