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  1. It seems like you are asking for civility and agreements from a social media platform... One that flames whenever someone asks about bail vs step-in. You crazy.
  2. It's hot, smelly, full of smoke and on fire. That tease of snow broke me.
  3. I'll elaborate then. I don't think a case of vandalism is indicative of "losing the moral compass of humanity". I think that calling this a form of protest without having anything to back it up is definitely sounding old. I don't know why the cable was cut. It's stupid, that's vandalism. Stupid. But I also think we all have too much social media on the brain lately and have taken our thoughts to an extreme that is not helpful. As to valuable contributions, I don't think speculating on this is valuable. Neither is laying blame. There. Made my contribution.
  4. Winter cannot come soon enough! So now we'll only be able to use a lift alone, in the dark and with parental supervision? Don't care! I'll triple up on masks, put a bucket on my head and go riding! Thank you for coming to my TED talk (note - this message might contain sarcasm, but seriously, f summer, want snow!!!)
  5. Before the snow hit us the smoke was really bad. This morning we only have a bit of it (imported from the PNW). Winter cannot come soon enough!
  6. I've given up hoping that everyone else will do what's right. I'm down to protecting myself and my family. To that end I received some really good advice: figure out what's really important to you and do it while trying to be as safe as possible. For everything else just avoid it. For me biking and snowboarding are the important things. I'll do my best to stay away from others. Luckily for me this does not require being indoors. In all else we're just not going out. No restaurants (sometimes we'll do curbside pickup), girls are going to do a virtual school year (studying from home) a
  7. Depends on your definition of workable. Are they going to open up? Most definitely. Mount Hood and others have shown that by limiting number of people (reservations, limit of tickets, etc), closing the lodges and requiring masks they can get permissions to start up. Trestle bike park is up and running in the same vain. Whether this is safe or not is anybody's guess but capitalism must win out. Don't forget that Europe and Canada are doing much better in terms of controlling the pandemic than the US.
  8. JRAZZ

    Yo Lci!!

    If anyone wants to print more of these stickers.... Here's the GIF:
  9. People at Wellington CO can be just as snobby about coffee as people from Wellington NZ However, coffee at 11,000 ft does not taste the same as coffee at sea level Exactly!
  10. I'm just wondering how the Sunday morning routine will look when we can't hang out at the lodge and line up for breakfast... It's just not the same!
  11. Either that or chip us all with 5G
  12. Just keeps on getting better. The crash did really scare me. It took me two weeks to get riding again. All healed up now tho. My favorite part is passing people on climbs
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