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  1. JRAZZ

    Yo Lci!!

    Sounds like you didn't enjoy yourself
  2. JRAZZ

    Kessler SL 162

    1" = 2.54cm .... 20" x 2.54 = 50.8 cm Source: http://mitutoyo.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/E12016-History-of-The-Gage-Block.pdf#page=8 * I knew my degree would be worth something someday!
  3. JRAZZ

    Yo Lci!!

    Sunday was very firm (tested personally with my head) and fast. Very fun too. Sunburned teeth all around.
  4. She gone... best of all, she gone in a trade with a friend so if I want I get to ride it
  5. Not supposedly. It is, in fact a copy. I specifically told Bruce: “like this one”
  6. I have no idea what the nose and tail width are. The flex is 6.8+9 Do these actually matter?
  7. Yup, selling this one. Though you can ride it with softboots it's really happiest with hardboots. It's one of the friendliest and most versatile HB board I can think of. It's very quick to turn and is nicely damp. Floats really really well in powder (if it can float in CO fluff it can float ANYWHERE). Really cannot say enough good things about this one. The only thing for me is that it is too narrow for my current use of softboots and that's why I'm letting it go. This particular board has been ridden approx 20 days. 23.5cm waist, ~10.5m contra sidecut, 180lbs rider. The base is
  8. That is absolute truth! Now where can I find purple bindings?!?! Too bad these are just slightly too big (ok much much too big) because they are awesome! I would not hesitate to buy from the lord even though he waves it in the air like he don't care.
  9. Ya got me on the "mostly men" part. Please don't go there. You wan to be in less crowded slopes? More experienced skiers? Fine. Don't assume that simply because older men can go mid-week that they are somehow magically better. FWIW I've had more close calls with the aforementioned demographic than any other this season. In my experience the "older male skiers" tend to be jerks but I digress. If you can say "get off my lawn" in a less tone deaf way that would be appreciated.
  10. Geez louise ppl! Read the disclaimer at the bottom of the message!!!
  11. Do you want to carve like this? Have empty groomers like this? Then you need these! I mean they're pink! What else do you need? Go out and get them! * Bindings may no longer be available and might not guarantee empty groomers. Nobody here has style anyway so that goes out the window too. Please do not take anything too seriously today!
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