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  1. JRAZZ

    Yo Lci!!

    Tho the construction around the springs has been there for-ever!
  2. The only problem I have with shifting the boot in the binding is that it moves the boot more forward. The board as is already likes to autorotate. But again, it seems that splaying the back foot out makes much more difference to my riding than anything I do with the front foot. I guess I really need that to initiate a toe side turn. It makes a super big difference to me. Without the cant I felt my kneed were in-line along the board and I couldn't roll to my left. When I added the whacky angle with outside cant i could. I also tried just the cant without the angle and it wasn't enough. Btw, you realize that all of this talk is just that, talk. The real work is on the hill, playing with my bindings. The good news is that at least my Coiler is set up wonderfully and is super fun to ride. Now I'm just trying to understand why.
  3. With a lot of overhang (I'm less averse to it than some). I'm on 27s which are probably too big for me. I think they've given up on me Not sure I can live up to the hype (I'm really not that interesting)
  4. Pictures as promised. I ended up with 60/45. Might go lower on the back foot if I can, it really helps me maneuver the board. (Yes, I know it's the right boot in the left binding. I am all about triggering your OCD)
  5. So me gots answers. Didn’t make a difference. I might keep it since I was able to ride out of the l lift better. I also think the boot is better centered on the board. I’ll take pictures later today. But I found out something new. I can’t ride with my knees together. I really have to have that outward cant or maybe increase the stance.
  6. JRAZZ

    Yo Lci!!

    OMG today was a bad day to hit the LCI. Busy does not even begin to describe it. I thought it would be a busy weekday or a chill weekend day but no! A multitude of gapers, Jerries and their associated groms were out in force. I could tell it was bad when lift one had a line clear out to lift 2. Baaaaaad. That being said the snow was nice and firm. Wind was reasonable, and the Coiler was very happy. Got a couple of laps before calling it for fear of dying. Not a bad way to come back from RI. Hope to see ya Sunday. I will attempt to use Mario’s trenches as kickers.
  7. I'm curious. That being said I am much more interested in a softboot replacement rather than another hardboot. If I could find a boot that would do that (cough, backland, cough) I would be all over it!
  8. JRAZZ

    Yo Lci!!

    Yes but this is MLK weekend (Monday is MLK day) so I have no idea how bad it would be... Definitely staying away from WP or Copper
  9. JRAZZ

    Yo Lci!!

    Sunday or Monday for this weekend? I have Monday off and I'm thinking that there may be slightly less people. What do you guys think?
  10. I think we were both beaten by somebody else
  11. What was I thinking?!?! FWIW I have BTS and I had the nut all the way on the bottom. I have now cranked it up to provide a lot more forward lean.
  12. Wow, ahemmm... Maybe I'm not the only overthinker here OK, focus. Here's the problem. It's more acute on hardboots but still there in softboots. My boards always want to turn left when I relax (which is part of the problem with me riding stiff as @Carvin' Marvin pointed out). Very obvious when one-footing it. One solution I found was to add heel lift and outward canting to both feet. That worked remarkably well for me. I am assuming I place a lot of my weight on my heels so I want to try to move the bindings towards the toe edge. This worked very well on my softboot boards. Now obviously my technique is wrong, I don't bend my knees enough, my skeleton is off, etc... Don't care. Want to have fun. If that means having a weird stance so be it. I guess my question is would this shifting of the bindings really solve my auto-turning boards? Should I try to add more forward lean instead? Take up needle point? I do plan to test this out next week. (hopefully I'll be healed enough) p.s. Yes, I'm flexible, no I don't have mobility issues, yes I have lots of back issues (hence the surgery), not saying anything about cognitive abilities.
  13. Yes. Not as pronounced but I think so. For most of my softboot setups I moved the binding towards the toe edge and it made a real difference.
  14. No worries I have fought this problem for 3 years now with various boards and different levels of success. Could be just the forward lean of the boot for all I know
  15. After reading Beckmann's article I did think so, and moving it back certainly made the board turn less but it never got rid of that turn completely. It would always turn to the left.
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