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  1. Ohhhh.... This is going to be fun. TDs vs F2. Where is my popcorn. Before the flames begin I don't think there's anything wrong with your TDs. A lot of people use them ans like them. There are other binding manufacturers each with their pros and cons. F2s are great too. Ultimately it's up to you. If the F2s feel better, use them. If the TDs are better use them. Does it really matter what is newer? Would a newer binding make you a better rider?
  2. I, for one, keep on coming back to this post. I love your pictures. Please don't stop!
  3. Wouldn't the clicking be a problem? I'm eyeing a pair of NOS Deeluxe Free 69's...
  4. Bruce has been busy! Figured with all the pow lately I needed a monster... 184 Monster. 11.5/13.7/13m sidecut Monster.... Monster black hole (no, this isn't the Interstellar animation, this is a NASA animation of Sgr A*)
  5. Improvement!!! But first, I found that my arch is considered "high". Got better insoles with more support but I can't tell the difference in response or riding. I've also noticed that when standing with my feet parallel it seems almost as though the boots are "toe out". Anybody ever notice that? Is this just a Track 700 asymmetrical shell thing or is that me? Anyway, I found that a stance of 65/50 works well for me too. Even aligns me more forward so that's a plus. I seem to need that 15 degrees of splay to feel stable. Once I have that feeling pressuring the cuff of the front boot becomes much easier and then the board responds wonderfully in return. I also found that I ride better with my straps on the looser side. It's kind of annoying since the response is not as direct as I'd like but I feel way more in control. I feel that fore-aft the boots aren't supportive enough but laterally I need more flexibility. The experimentation continues.... (but at least I'm making headway!)
  6. Met up with Alex Gelb (alex@phantomsnow.com) who is the COO for Phantom at a demo day today. They are working on setting up ready to buy splitboard boots. I thought what they are doing is awesome so I'd thought I'd share with you. From what I understand the are basing this on the Backland Ultimate. When I picked one up I thought it would keep on going up. Seriously light! I feel that the Ultimate is too light and flexible but it seems that these guys have heard us loud and clear. They are working on using an elastomer instead of a spring and Alex did say that the Carbon is probably a better choice if you want something stiffer. As far as the mods are concerned, they moved the booster strap down to hold the heel and got rid of the criss-cross latch. I'm thinking that if they could incorporate something like the Deeluxe heel strap that would be better. I don't like velcro but the idea is great! They are also experimenting with liners. Looking into wrap liners, again, to make it stiffer. The latch looks great!! Really well made and solid. I like it! As I understand it they are trying to sell this as a package. He did say around $700 but that is not final. My take: This is really good! Definitely more work to be done but I'm stoked that they are working on it. I think that they will never really replace full on carving boots like the Deeluxe or UPZ but as a softboot replacement these could be great!
  7. JRAZZ

    Yo Lci!!

    Good call! It was bumper to bumper in Dumont!!! At 6:30 in the morning!!!! I parked on the 7th row at 7:00. I have never seen it that busy! Once on the mountain it wasn't too bad. Approx 4"-6" fresh on top of soft groom, not too cold or windy either. Kinda fun but it got chewed up pretty quickly. Tried to go to the Valley and it was pretty much the same. I ended up leaving around 10 since it really wasn't fun anymore. On the way back (10am no less) bumper to bumper until Georgetown. Though any day on snow is good and I really needed this day it was stupid busy. I can't wait until after spring break when the craziness dies down, we get bluebird days and good groom. I'm Steamboating next week but might make it up there in two. Peace!
  8. Definitely softboot carving worth watching. Thank you for sharing, you rip!!
  9. I have no idea why people do that. Especially since the back bowls were closed. When that happens Vail becomes a much smaller resort. Still, friends that were in Winter Park and Steamboat said it really wasn't that bad. My guess is that the people that went to Vail should have gone a bit further to Beaver Creek and would have had far less lines.
  10. I think you're convincing yourself that pow is gone. I disagree. Even on Saturday with a really long line at 1 (Loveland) the other lifts were not bad and the powder is still powder. If you know where to go you have fresh lines well into noon. A friend of mine skied Winter Park on Friday and Saturday and said that the lines in MJ were not all that bad. Is it busier than 8 years ago? yes. It's not as cool but still fun. That being said, today I honestly prefer groom on a bluebird day.
  11. JRAZZ

    Yo Lci!!

    Horrible, insane, bottomless
  12. JRAZZ

    Yo Lci!!

    Tuesday will probably still be soft but hopefully less crowded I would love to join you but I'll be on a plane to Florida.
  13. JRAZZ

    Yo Lci!!

    Urmmmmm, that was insane! Insanely deep, insanely crowded, insanely tough. Some areas were windblown, some wind-loaded and were literally bottomless. I was really scared! Surprisingly not a very good day either. No flow and not really interesting. I rode my SB setup and was actually bored. Stayed on the south side and didn't even want to check out 4 and 8. Not even sure if they were open. I just didn't want to get stuck and die in a tree well. The main runs were torn up pretty quickly and bounced me around on my short Arbor. Is pow overrated? Probably not but I've had better pow days and found myself really wishing for a good groomer day. I'm almost thinking I need a rebound with my Coiler. I might even go up tomorrow. Hopefully they'll groom some of the runs so we'll have soft groomers to HB on.
  14. Were people here ever funny? I've been told flat out that "THIS IS SERIOUS!"
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