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  1. A Jones Flagship with 9,3m. And a Capita Slush Slasher with 12,44 (but that doesnt count, cause its a rocker, short party board). I think I'll go with 12m
  2. Yeah, but here were some plausible counterwords regarding the sidecut radius. The biggest sidecut radius that I have experienced were 12.44m on the Capita Slush Slasher. But that is is a short rocker heavy party board, so that doesnt really count. It just worries me a little that@David Kirk even bought a new board to switch from 17m to 14.5m Thats a lot a money.
  3. I only have the 9 degrees because of the width with of my korua stealth. I would like to ride it more positive for this board when its not too wide. The BX169/17: Mat.: T Weight kg: 70-80 Stiffness: M Width mm: 259 Stance mm: 550 Nose: medium Tail: comp actually sound okay imo. It's titanal, 169 long, with a good waist width. Just the 17 meters sidecut... As I have stated I like to ride long drawn out carves at high relatively high speed. I am not that interested in tighter carves on this board. Maybe 17 meters would be exactly made for those wide carves. But maybe 14.5 is already enough for that, I dont know. 500€ just sound way more attractive than 800€.
  4. Well with the right technique you are always better, for sure. An olympian winner could destroy every one of us with just a capita slush slasher. But wouldn't make it easier for him. I do not want to ride exactly like the guys in the korua video. I DO ride like them, thats why I picked the video. And I like my style and want to keep it. I just want to leave out the sidehits and I want the sidecut to feel a bit more stable. 1200mm isnt much for 194. Seems like you also have the updated list! The P-1 170/10/278 is exactly on there. To be honest, I do not know what the different between a BX and P-1 board is. But its waist width is HUGE!
  5. BX169/14.5: Mat.: T Weight kg: 70-80 Stiffness: M Width mm: 259 Stance mm: 510/550/590 Nose: medium Tail: medium BX169/17: Mat.: T Weight kg: 70-80 Stiffness: M Width mm: 259 Stance mm: 550 Nose: medium Tail: comp BX169/17: Mat.: C Weight kg: 70-80 Stiffness: M Width mm: 269 Stance mm: 560/600 Nose: medium Tail: comp
  6. Yeah, I had little time writing that "I actually want to go as fast as possible with that board"-post. That didnt describe it that well. Better words would be: Long drawn out carves in a crouched position to maintain speed. @daveoI love your new pb. That black on black style looks awesome!
  7. Thats true. But the pandemic killed my part-time job. Sadly there is not enough money to switch the board if its not working out for me.
  8. "as fast as possible" doesnt describe it that well. I do not want to go flatbase down the hill. Thats would be a little boring and flat base riding gives little control. This Korua Shapes Yearning for turning video decribes my kind of riding/carving very well: (I bet you have seen it before, and some of you might not like it) The thumbnail is a bit misleading as it shows an eurocarve / very low carve and thats not how they ride in the video. Sometimes I am carving with 90 degrees to the fall line but that depends on the speed I am having atm. But most of the time I am carving like these guys in the video. Especially my posture is the same. I heavily lean forward and crouch most of the time to not get slown down by the wind. That is what I mean with "as fast as possible". Still carving, not flat basing, but crouched carves down the hill. But I wouldnt do sidehits with this board. Thats what my korua board is made for. But the 1200mm edge doesnt feel like its enough.
  9. I actually want to go as fast as possible with that board. Therefore 17m would fit maybe. But that might be too sketchy if the track is too narrow. difficult decision
  10. Thanks Dave. That was very helpful! Were you able to try out your new 14.5 Radius board or will you have to wait for the next season? It would be very interesting to see how these sidecutradius differences change the board behavior. I you were me would you spend 50% on top to get the 14.5 instead of 17m radius?
  11. I've contacted Oxess Boards and they sent me some example boards that might fit to my needs. Three 169cm boards do look premising. One has a 14.5m sidecut radius and is made of Titanal, but its a bit expensive. The other two boards have a 17m sidecut radius. One is made of Titanal and is 50€ more expensidive and the other one my of Carbon. I guess the 50€ would be worth it, right? And here comes my question. Does somebody have experiences with such a huge sidecut radius?
  12. Yeah your board actually looks decent. Not all of F2's topsheets are awful. Some are fine. But the one of the 163 WC wasnt my taste at all
  13. I live in germany. So yeah... not gonna happen. I have US9 so that shouldnt be such a big problem.
  14. Yeah true the SG Force looks interesting. 260 waist width is a bit overkill, but the rest fits. Where are you from and how would you ship it? That width would be good for people who ride duck stance. But I like to ride positiv, so idk.
  15. I will look into the sales of Oxess boards first. When all of the boards are way to expensive, I will play the waiting game until the 2021 version in 166W of the F2 Elimnators are less expensive. (All earlier 166W versions are sold out) On groomers I can see the board, but in good powder you are right. The looks are not in my top criteria, but the huge "Eliminator" logo looks like its made for 6 year old kids tho... However, it might be fitting! And when I really cant stand the looks, I'll might just get some black vinyl wrap and cover the topsheet. Does somebody have experience with that? Does it peel off too fast or might it even change the boardfeel to a certain degree?
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