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Found 13 results

  1. Though my experiment with hardbooting is over (for now, who knows what tomorrow might bring) I still need a stiff setup. My Burtons are "OK" but not really up to the task. Every time I lean into the tongue they pretty much let me fall forward and don't support toe side turns. I managed to find some NOS Nidecker/Flow Talons and stuffed a pair of Intuition wrap liners in them. The result is really really stiff, like hardboot stiff but with a much shorter BSL. I hope this will allow me to ride at the angles I find comfortable while giving enough support. Just out of curiosity, for softbooters, what setup have you been using?
  2. Today I had a binding failure (Nidecker Freecarves) on my last run. My GPS watch had me above 40 mph when my back foot came loose. I slid a few hundred feet on my back but I was 100% fine, luckily. I saw that my toe piece wad sliding around and figured a screw had come loose. I just took it apart to add loctite to each screw and was surprised to see that the offending screw had actually had a few threads sheared off. It looks like it was too short, despite coming with the bindings. Anyone see this happen before?
  3. Nidecker 173, awesome shape, zero issues, I know it's older, but I never could identify the exact model $160 Raichel X-Bone Carbon in red $90 Raichle X-Bone Carbon in black $90 Local pick up in Las Vegas or will ship to lower 48 via USPS Priority or FedEx, cross posted on eBay Thanks!
  4. Boards for sale: Donek Freecarve I - 185 cm, 18.5-cm waist, 12.5-m sidecut radius. Very good condition, with lots of base, edge, & camber. Very carving-friendly for my weight (160 lbs) despite its length. $USD 125 plus shipping. Bindings not included. Nidecker GS Custom - 183 cm, 19-cm waist (approx.); I don't know the sidecut radius but guess it's 14-15 m. Base and edges in good shape, but this board has NO camber left. I think lack of camber made it a friendlier ride for me, but a heavier rider might find it a bit soft. $USD 40 plus shipping. Both boards are covered in storage wax.
  5. Pics to follow. Very clean pair of bindings. I’m a 9 and they fit great. No signs of wear or damage. I’ve used them 2x since I got them used from a fellow BOL member. All black. I’m assuming they are mediums as there is no visible marking stating size and I’m not swimming in them. paypal would trade for some Power Plate uppers with the 6 large mounting hardware bolts...
  6. Don't know much about this board other than it has served me well the past couple of years... nothing wrong with it, I just ride my other boards more. Base is in great shape. Top sheet has a lot of binding rash and scratches - nothing too bad. Fair amount of camber left. $65 + shipping. PayPal F and F.
  7. NIdecker Proto carving board, 167cm Quicksilver Proto II, almost new condition I would like sell this whole package as one - Nidecker board with mounted TD2 bindings and Raichle boots. Very nice setup ! Sorry, I forgot to add boot info previously. Boots fit mens 10-10.5 (I don't have the cm length at the moment). I like these boots as they offer nice forward flexing and stiff laterally, plus just pull the cord and step out of the bindings when you reach the lift line :) Why am i selling ? Well, I'm really a skier for many yrs now - i like the hard boot and carving experience, just don't have the time anymore for both. This setup has been sitting in my garage for a few years now so maybe someone here can really enjoy this equipment. I'm thinking $650 for all or make me an offer I can't refuse :)
  8. For sale is a Nidecker GS board. I am not sure of the original year of the board nor am I the original owner. I have riden this board a few times and it is in great shape. Good pop and the base is in very good condition. Topsheet is properly wrapped in black vinyl. Could sell with TD1 for 225$ all in. All prices plus shipping.
  9. Looking for a nidecker board 160cm plus in gs format. Ideally with a sidecut radius between 9 and 11 meters
  10. Set of late 90's Nidecker Carbon Comp Bindings. In great shape with all shims.
  11. For Sale $250 OBO Nidecker Proto carving board Very cool high performance board in excellent condition, top and bottom 164 cm Used very little and just sitting in garage for past yrs, i have a different board I've been using
  12. Botte Raichle 225 269mm ( chaussons grandeur 24 ) très propre Race wedge et langue plus souple incluse avec outils. 100$ Can.
  13. Small/Medium Nidecker Carbon 900 bindings. Used very little. Maybe 8 times. No issues, great shape. Located in Calgary, Canada. $165 Canadian plus shipping
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