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    Indianhead, Wakefield, MI
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    Beverage Sector Action Fiqure
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    Prior Powstick 176, FLC 163, WCR Metal 187, Virus' Undertaker, PureCarve Maverick, Cabell, Coilers' VSR 177, Angrry 170, Nirvana 174, Monster 188, Coda Skwal 185, AlpinePunk SuperSwede & Afterburner Woodie, Thirsts XC171-W, 8R-W, 7-W SC, 161 SF-W
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    Deeluxe 325's w/ Bomber BTS Springs
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    Raichle X-Bones Carbon (65/55),TD3's (75/65 give or take) 3 degree all day
    TD3's (75/70) unless on the Virus or Skwal (85/85)
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  1. We'll be there but with the exception of last Sunday, coverage is thin, hard and lumpy...
  2. OK, Blackjack will now open this Friday, Dec. 4th, really and truely, free lift tix on Friday. MI COVID protocols will be in place, (I won't comment on those), but basically distance, only parties who came together can chairlift together, and face coverings at all times.
  3. Big Snow Resorts has announced Blackjack will open on November 20th for the weekend with free lift tix that day.
  4. Hi Alan, You will not be disappointed, just be prepared to make room for more models . Hope you are doing well! Al
  5. Yes, should be perfect! Thirst boards are not as weight sensitive as other handmade varieties, I even ride my Wife's boards from time to time. Its more about the geometry, this board will ride truer to its average sidecut, whereas softer ones can make you forget the EE of the board your on.
  6. New 20-21 Model CC (Cross to Carve) 165, built for a UP retail outlet. This is the first one built with Mark's updated shape, width and PFI Core, as such it came out a little stiffer than we felt appropriate for a retail floor model. It would be better suited for a heavier, or harder charging rider. The idea behind the CC is that it can be rode with a soft or Hardboot setup, emphasizing alpine form, making it ideal for the soft boot Carver aspiring to hardboot. The CC is a wider, more of an All Mountain shape, making at home in the trees, the pow, or the corduroy. This CC is symmetrical, not a WARP design, and can be set up regular or goofy. Specs: 165.5 cm x 23.5 cm wide - .360 flex index. - comparative average SCR 10.47 M. - 144.8 effective edge. New "Mellow Yellow" topsheet backprinted on durable lenticular nylon. Comes factory tuned with Faststix© base treatment, baby blanket sleeve, scrapper, thirst patch and stickers. Offered at $100 off normal price at $950 shipped to lower 48.
  7. Yup Big Snow Country and Ski Brule and as a bonus I'm now eligible for the Senior discounts
  8. I know Whitecap Mountain in Wisconsin has a bunch laying out in the woods, and could probably use the money right now...unfortunately I don't have a contact over there.
  9. The Wife is on TD3's with UPZ12's, I ride the same but I want to try my TD3-SW's,on my PC 184
  10. Never too early to be thinking about powder...the new thirst PC (Powder Carver) JV model, a 169, my Wife's Christmas present. Same impeccable build quality with one of my favorite top sheets yet, great job Mark!
  11. Its even prettier in person
  12. Decided I needed a backup just in case Chad at Coda or I retire, or if anything would happen to "Golddigger" as these never come up for sale. 185 Coda Skwal, 10 M SC, aka "Sapphire"
  13. We did get rain followed by 4-5" of heavier powder, Friday the wet snow and unfrozen based made for an uneven groom, but the texture was surprisingly good, the ungroomed pow is where I rode all day. Today was cold and very firm, but tomorrow should be solid with sun and warmer temps, more snow is in the forecast.
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