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    Ice Coast, USA
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    Self employed
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    A bunch. But current favs are: Virus Phantom! (Amazing:), Thirst8rw, k168 + vist plate, Virus Le Surf for powder in softboots, Virus 162SL ASYM & custom Kessler 180 for everything else
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    Ride Trident, UPZ RC12 intec, mountain slope 951
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    Virus Power lock, Ride El Hefe 25/10, f2 titanflex intec 60/55 + lifts
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  1. OMG. That's a steal. Guys one of the best carving boards out there and awesome on powder
  2. I will make a valiant effort to join! I am planning a solo trip to mt snow Monday so need to plan my strategy at home VERY carefully beast! Night riding! Love the 195cm length! So much stable :)))
  3. Oh babey! Riding you tonight! (An almost brand new 8rw will popup soon in for sale section or pm me if interested )
  4. Or now Virus plates:) Buy with confidence great seller and amazing board - and one hell of an amazing price!
  5. Tddragon

    Mount Snow

    Will try!:) 8:30am at Corinthia parking lot?
  6. bummed to miss it. was there Saturday and it was super sunny and nice:) Will be there Thursday afternoon. For sure! Let me know when you want to head up to catamount and I will make it happen! (Never been and looking forward to checking it out. Can also bring the Kessler 180 for you to try:)
  7. Hey I live out in western mass 1.5hours outside of.boston and just got into hardboots beginning of this season. Best ever decision I made regarding winter sports We have a small.crew out at berkshire east more or less every week and everyone is super helpful. Feel free to.join the local berkshire east sub forum and join up. If you find some boots you can try out one of my boards (I have some built for 130-160lb)
  8. Awesome carving day at beast today! Great conditions and no wait on wilderness quad:) 4 hardbooters today all at once ripping it up! @SnowboardingJand his little 8yr old boy were RIPPING! Dave J left his safe Wachusetts bubble and journeyed far to ride his flaming pumpkin at Beast! (edit: no idea why one pic is upside down. Tried flipping it - still uploads upside down - any advice @Jack M?)
  9. @WhiteHorse, @Armtron2000, @*Ace*, @Bobby Buggs Anyone wants to join our little get together Monday?
  10. Shopping cart says discount code is not valid - FYI
  11. Yeah I got some and her it all the time now. I guess will use wax only for summer storage now :))
  12. Frigid is fine Sending you pm with my cell number to connect and coordinate. Shouldn't be to bad since a lot of people work presidents day
  13. First chair Monday??:) Was great ripping it up last weekend with you and your antibodies!
  14. Tddragon


    Nice!! Keep it in the family!
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