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  1. Thx! Somebody buy this amazing Board before he changes his mind lol. Awesome board and awesome price. (Would have bought it if it was suitable for 155lb:))
  2. Looking forward to meeting either at beast - or at Mt snow
  3. 20 on the SL and 18.5 on the Phantom.
  4. Christmas came early this year! Excited about this season!
  5. "toe/heel drag is torture" #facts Nothing that a multi-tool wouldn't fix short term I use them in hardboots. Looking now for other intuition liner for my softboots.
  6. I love my intuition liners. Great deal (would buy them.as a backup if it was size 25
  7. On the first ride couldn't even buckle in the rear foot LOL! Glad I brought my screw driver just in case. After making angles less steep/forward - I was able to finally buckle in and stand up. The first 2 rides were pretty humbling - couldnt turn the 170 coiler ex at all lol (my virus package didn't arrive yet lol) - lots of falling and feeling like a total beginner again on 3rd ride it kind of all clicked and I finally stayed on my feet. But was way sketchy on more narrow parts (really wide turns and accelerating to fast for my current experience level lol). All in all pretty happy for my
  8. Heading there tomorrow! Only 8 trails open but so what:) anyone else going ?
  9. Yeah so excited! Jiminy opened today as well! My daughters birthday today so not going. But got tickets already for tomorrow and will be at Jiminy all day:)
  10. Good luck with sale! Great board!
  11. Nice! I got a used Kessler Alpine 180 that was custom made for someone else thats my weight - right before the shutdown this year... so cant wait to try it this season... counting the minutes till we have snow here in Mass:)
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