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165cm Coiler RCC Titanal


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I’m selling this board for a friend. This is 165cm Coiler Race Carve Classic (RCC).  It was built for a ~130lb female rider.  She rode the board less than 5 days; she was never comfortable on it.  The RCC is a single sidecut radius (not VSR).  The waist is 18cm.  The board was built during the 2007/2008 season.

The price is $400.  I will ship the board at the buyers expense.  Buyer must take care of the logistics, send me a shipping label and I will drop the packages board off at the chosen carrier.




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12 hours ago, SeanO14 said:

Very interested in this board is it still available and do you think it would work for someone wearing 165 pounds?  I wouldn’t want the flex to be too soft...

Yes, the board is still available. It’s difficult to say whether the flex would be appropriate for you.  Your best bet wild be to contact Brice at Coiler, provide him the serial number, and get his take.

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