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Coiler 165 **SOLD**


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2018 Coiler SL C 165  $500 shipped

20.5cm waist, 9-10m scr, made for 185lb rider,  nose 27,  tail 25.4, 1.6cm taper

Board is in like new condition (9.8 out of 10). No dings or scratches. Base never ground. Edge: base bevel .5°/side 88°.  Comes with custom canvas board sleeve.




More about this board here: 


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7 minutes ago, Jack M said:

Is your Coiler 163 still going?

The Coiler's in the basement all summer waxed and tucked away - have been riding the Proteus and loving it.  Going to give the MK a real try here in January and make the call on which way to go. 

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On 1/5/2019 at 7:15 PM, barryj said:

Hmm......I too am tempted,   a 20.5 waist and super turny sounds yummy.

Big Wave why ya selling it?

Selling because I'm liking my SF162 better. The Coiler is really fun, but I just don't ride short boards enough to justify having two. It was a tough decision, because I really like this board, but I really need a 181PC to fill out my quiver. Trying to seek balance and harmony in my quiver universe and I'm bit heavy on the purely carving side.

This board is neither Angrry nor Madd, and certainly not a Muscle Killer, but fun, friendly, predictable and a pleasure to ride. :biggthump Does well on ice to soft groom. Probably not bad in some powder, as it has 1.6cm taper and a widish nose, but I haven't ridden it in any powder.

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