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  1. Congrats on the K168 - love it. Just added the Apex plate to mine - managed to score one from the Apex site with the AllFlex mounts I needed. Worked great on boilerplate - still looking forward to trying it on groomed cord
  2. Apex makes the All-Flex mounting hardware - it has the pivot points out at the ends with the mounting attachments and bumpers underneath where the bindings mount. It was suppose to come with center mounts that are optional to reduce the amount of board flex away from the plate it will allow (they suggest trying it without first) - my package arrived from Apex missing the optional center mounting hardware. Apex has not responded yet to send the other parts. Thinking I will prefer it without anyway.
  3. Not a board but does my new unicorn plate count? Apex plate with AllFlex inserts to finish off my Kessler 168
  4. I use Motorola 2 way radio's and add the Motorola 53724 Remote Speaker with Microphone. The remote mic works great as you can hear even while riding from the speaker - and with the big push to talk button on the side - easy to respond and no need to take mitts off. Easy for kids to use too. To mount the mic on kids jackets I added a wrap of duct tape to one side of a safety pin... pin it to the chest/lapel of the coat and clip the clip the mic to the duct taped side of the pin.
  5. I got through to them this week by email. Placed my order for an X Plate with AllFlex inserts and it shipped out same day. Fedex should arrive tomorrow.
  6. skidad62

    Bend it....

    Hayburner at the Loaf... on my Jack hand me down...
  7. See Jack's comments above. I've only ridden it without plates and it is 10/10. Love love love it.
  8. Yup. I scored Jack's spare 168... Love this Kessler! It's a game changer.
  9. skidad62


    My Jack M hand me down .... loving this board...
  10. Great buyer.  Pleasure to work with.

  11. Hey Eric - always great to hear! You're gonna love it - awesome board. Enjoy!
  12. SOLD The Proteus is on it’s way to FlyerZ
  13. Hi Eric - just back home from riding - sent you a private message
  14. Bump with end of season price drop...
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