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Made in Japan Snowboards


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Anyone remember a GS racing snowboard that was made in Japan about 10 years ago? A friend said he has one I can have for cheap but he hasn't told me the brand name. He said it is a 185 board and never been ridden as he has 2 of them. A bit of research on google didn't turn up anything.



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Drake,  Northwave,  Fanatic,  DCe,  Infinity,  G-Style,  RPM, Mountain Surf.......  

Top three made in Japan carving brands would be Ogasaka,  Yonex and Gray - probably one of these if it's a carving/bodysliding stick.

Beyond their snowsticks, Moss also has a snowboard lineup........... Revolver, Twister and the SR in the long lengths

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Ogasaka maybe what he said.

The 185 ev has a 17.769 SCR This could be the board. Still waiting for a text from friend on the exact model and brand.

Has anyone ridden this board? Most of my freeride boards have 7 to 8.2 SCR.  

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I ride boards up to 180 now. Will keep sizing in mind. I will probably end up with several different size boards. The 167 Airwalk carve board I rode didn't give my any troubles. The 17 SCR is what would make this board suited for some very wide open runs. It may only be used on specific days during the week when the resort is less crowded.

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22 hours ago, VWBrian said:

185 ev has a 17.769 SCR

Sounds fun!  

  eajracing said: 

....just dont let it intimidate you..... long boards with big scr's smell fear and will hand you your ass if you let them.

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On 5/13/2018 at 7:11 AM, nextcarve said:

Black Pearl is currently owned by the Japanese rider Tomoka Takeuchi and the Schoch brothers. The boards are now produced in Japan.

In the beginning they were produced in Switzerland.


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Ok I picked up the board this weekend.

It is a  172 cm Length 190mm waist and 13M sidcut.

It is very stiff

Nishizawa  Formula Super Comp 7.2 Pro Model.

I was told that they boards were brought to be raced in the USA and the riders complained about them even before they rode them. My freind was there and the person who brought them here just asked him if he wanted them and gave them to him still in the shrink wrap. I got the one he used and he kept the new one in the wrapping. I will still be ordering a Coiler as I don't think the Nishizawa will be my go to board.

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