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  1. Some years back one lady riding with soft boots beat on time most of men on race track Remember who this Burton rider was ?
  2. We had so poor winter that mu idea to test it with snowboard never had change. But with skate it works easily, very easy to learn. I think foil makes biggest challenge, if one plans to use it. This is from my second test session, first rider is my friend trying it first time
  3. Data i provided is from that Youtube video, visible on that tube page
  4. Yes need add those to get stance extended and due screws to 3D inserts could not use bindings.
  5. I was totally surprised how well it goes, i managed test it only with perfect groom and slush. Biggest issue was to get 54cm stance and inserts ended to 48cm I had PJ7 in mid nineteens but then i was riding with very short stance
  6. Snowboards Gray Desperado Ti Type-R Ⅳw (angle:F39°,R36° stance:58cm) Moss Twister 157 (angle:F39°,R36° stance:57cm) Moss Twister 155 (angle:F39°,R36° stance:57cm)
  7. Next weekend they will be closed, or most of them anyway.
  8. If you ride lot, specially on smaller slopes, then sure you want Fintecs. Intec will wear quite rapidly, making holes of moving pins oval which allows more forces to plastic which finally will break. I used to switch Intec every year or every second year. Now with Fintecs since they come out. Only mod i did is replaced that silly plastic "bearing" around pins with metal ones few years ago after that all works better than ever.
  9. Yes, like some think world is flat.
  10. Santa Fe has track named Broadway, goes under chair lift, optimal slope for that Yes, i like that too, bad me
  11. pokkis

    Bend it....

    She is bending her Oxess
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