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  1. I would assume those pieces to be rather titanium than aluminum.
  2. Boot will flex more than your ankle, dont worry about that. But that is not what you should worry, as said measure first how much your ankle will flex, then how much boot will flex with current setup, and then look if you really need more flex. Most people dont need more.
  3. You sure you want longer travel? Did you measure how much your ankle allows travel from your normal boot top position? Most after made ones give way to much travel compared to ankle movement. Be careful, you have only two of those
  4. If you look that tube cover photo, you see white thing behind my rear boot attached to plate. It is wall flag pole holder, it holds selfie stick. That was first test run on slushy day, unfortunately camera was poorly tightened and it was partially loose. But i will do some other fixes too during summer.
  5. So you mean that difference between internal length ie mondo size and external length ie sole length is 1mm ?
  6. 27 mondo external size is that, not internal one. With those feet size i would take 27 size one
  7. I like that backbag option lot, specially when pow riding. Just tested yesterday first time another option, which needs some adjustment but could be better for slopes. I had problem not notifying that my cam was not properly tightened to selfie stick.
  8. I'm learning with Zuma and here with Plus 5. Got some new stuff since and now wait for get rid of of ice
  9. Simplest way is use nyloc nut wrong way = upside down. It keeps bushing in place, plus screw never gets loose. Never lost any bushings this way.
  10. Sorry, i have only red and orange ones. You might try skate bushings if you dont find derlin ones
  11. FIrst message by Jack says titanal
  12. Soon season for wingboarding and also little slalom skating
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