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  1. New for -21 For clarity board next to my wife's board is for my grand daughter, not for me
  2. Let is snow, let it snow, we are ready
  3. How you attach them together when you come down the slope
  4. Tooltonic file comes with side planer
  5. N/mm figures below are wrong but lbs/in are correct
  6. There is 10mm height skateboard bushings, i have used them i they work nice way. Riptide APS Short Street Barrel Bushings
  7. Sure, here old clip my friend on his F2 196 https://pokkis.1g.fi/kuvat/Video/WP_20141213_14_36_24_Pro.mp4
  8. So there were no "rules" what is counted as turn, right? Like two lines to counted as turn lines.
  9. Just wondering why there are no carvers, looks nice slope
  10. Some years back one lady riding with soft boots beat on time most of men on race track Remember who this Burton rider was ?
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