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  1. Our very first liner was a thermo liner which was a very tight fit and worked best with thinner feet. It worked really well for some athletes (in the beginning, most of our customers were the World Cup riders as we were new on the market in 2017/2018) Ramona Hofmeister won bronze at the Olympics riding our standard liner. That being said, it didn't fit wider feet or high instep feet. This is why our newer liners are roomier and come with extra insoles for better fitting.
  2. Thanks for your questions and interest in our boot. HR (the developer) also has a very high instep. He uses our standard liner and has also used the bootdoc injection liners. If you are 10.5 then a more accurate measurement is needed because this is between size C and D. We usually suggest people to measure with their foot up against a wall standing on a ruler from heel to longest toe on both feet. The measurement in mm will give us your exact mondo size. And to answer your original question "Why do so many professional athletes use our boots? The performance, setting opt
  3. Our C-Shell accomodates mondo sizes 270-280 and D-Shell accomodates mondo sizes 280-295
  4. Just a heads up for members in Europe. Nevin will have his carving camp in Scuol, Switzerland from: April 8 - April 11, 2021 Check out his website for more information... http://nevingalmarini.ch/carvingcamp/
  5. Hey Eboot, I found Mount Rosa lodge, which has been rebuilt and is now the most modern place to stay. It is in Vallis at 2.883m and Margarita lodge at 4.554m which is also in Vallis but seems to be right on the border. https://www.bergwelten.com/a/8-huetten-die-man-gesehen-haben-muss We are located at the foot of the Stelvio Glacier. One of the most renowned streets for biking, motorbikes, sports cars, etc. in the summer time. The slopes are open usually between May - November and you'll usually see quite a few of the top athletes training there during the summer season.
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/more-sports/champion-snowboarder-julie-pomagalski-dies-in-avalanche/ar-BB1eXmak
  7. "Hello one eyed monster" Makes me wonder what she saw ....
  8. The new VIST Interface plate has 2 interchangeable I-springs in the center with different stiffness options http://www.visttech.it/catalog/
  9. Just out of curiosity... were they masks? I am wondering because a lot of people have been posting pictures of people riding bikes with no helmet, but wearing a medical mask.
  10. Yes! Today is March 13 #RideOnJake day! https://adayforjake.com/ GO HAVE AS MUCH FUN AS POSSIBLE Join us Saturday, March 13, 2021, for a global day to celebrate the legacy of Jake Burton Carpenter. No matter where you are or what you’re up to, Jake’s spirit is what brings us together. Ride, hike, surf, skate, wax your board, whatever, just be creative and have as much fun as possible! Share your day with #RideOnJake and pick up a free sticker sheet at your local Burton store, as well as select snowboard shops and resorts.
  11. It's the same here on our side of the pond in Switzerland. We live in the middle of the middle of nowhere and like Barry said, a lot of people from other areas with second homes, staying with friends, in hotels for extended periods. Most of the people vacationing here were either ski touring, doing snowshoe trails, cross country skiing, went sledding with their kids and even our tiny little ski resort seemed full most of the season. Most people had Swiss license plates from other areas of Switzerland and the odd German license plate.
  12. Funding has always been our biggest problem. There are tons of projects we have in the pipeline... A smaller shell, A larger shell, junior boards and binding, etc. But without any kind of financing to actually make the moulds or start the projects, we can't roll out anything new. As you can imagine, the whole C19 situation has hit us (and many other production companies) pretty hard. We do have many ideas for a normal and a step in binding, but we will have to wait for some kind of world economic turn around really soon or we will see a lot of favorite companies disappear. We are okay at the m
  13. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and kind words about our boots! We really appreciate your kind words and feedback
  14. The results from the Parallel Giant Slalom race on Monday March 1, 2021. FIS Snowboard Alpine World Championships - Rogla SLO - PGS - Men's podium with 2nd FISCHNALLER Roland ITA, 1st LOGINOV Dmitry RSF, 3rd SOBOLEV Andrey RSF © Miha Matavz/FIS FIS Snowboard Alpine World Championships - Rogla SLO - PGS - Women's podium with 2nd NADYRSHINA Sofia RSF, 1st JOERG Selina GER, 3rd DUJMOVITS Julia AUT © Miha Matavz/FIS For more photos see: https://fis.smugmug.com/FISSnowboard/World-Championships/2021-Rogla-SLO-Snowboard-Alpine/PGS/ The results from the Parallel Slalom
  15. "X and his new Freecarve Secret!" It's not a secret anymore Wishing him a great time riding!
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