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15 minutes ago, daveo said:

Just call Heinz! 164 SL is waiting for you

Ha!  Get you spectacles out there Dave....I said Try!     That call would take a 2nd mortgage and end in Divorce!                                                                                                               After bringing 2 new customs and 2 used boards in the house just this winter the wife has me on a No Buy restriction :cool:

Of course I'm like a horse trader......if I sell or swap one or two boards for another it all evens out  - right?  :eplus2:   

Don't mean to hijack your thread WG...but we are talking Oxess here!!

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barryj, first of, thank you so much! 

Oxess - I know that they don´t come cheap, but, oh boy, are they a sweet ride and customized so exactly to one´s needs :ices_ange

About the wife ... mine gave up ... now I can buy what I want ... sweet, right? :biggthump

The video was done in various resorts in the east of Tyrol and in Lower Austria (which is close to my home).

daveo, don´t put the whole video here ... :biggthump ... or maybe do!!! :ices_ange

lonbordin, why Apex???

Corey, thank you so much!!! It means a lot to me!!!

Aracan, at least one good shot!!! hahaha ... thank you!!!

jim_s - Zell am See is not in the video, but it is a really nice place! Might go there again soon ...

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