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  1. Technique-wise, with stances that wide, you pretty much eliminate the possibility of any flexion/extension (up/down) going into turns, so there doesn’t seem to much ability to pressure your turns that way... This stance pretty much forces you into a full-commitment type of carving, where you rely on rolling immediately across to the new edge into a carve. I tried it a little this winter, and that’s what I observed. You can see this whenever you see them starting a run, or trying to start the board rolling, that there is virtually no slow speed maneuverability, they have to shuffle and h
  2. The courses at Park City can be interesting... it’s a dogleg so you can’t see the last half of the course, and the ‘inside’ course is very different to the outside. The guys who set it seem to love to put more offset on the last 4 too, so you really have to crank them...always fun while trying not to twat yourself on the skier gates! Consequently I haven’t ridden it in hard boots, or anything over 160cm, in about 10 yrs, but Platinums are still very achievable. (Below on a 152cm powder board in softs) Somewhere like Steamboat, where the hill is straight though, you’d definitely
  3. People were hit by board corners, and people getting suddenly thrown switch were catching their tails and going down hard. People were using their GS boards, which of course had square tails. The early courses had no design consistency, so one week it would be super flowing and mellow, and the GS guys would crush it, the next course was like a park run, and the freestylers would get the top 10 spots.
  4. The courses changed over the years which definitely put hardbooters at a disadvantage. I recently competed in an SBX race, and there were 2 pretty fast guys on roundtail F2 alpine boards, but the didn't make it past the quarter finals. @Jack M is right, the FIS banned square tail boards for safety reasons after a couple of bad injuries, that's the point that many alpine boards mysteriously started having more rounded back ends.
  5. I managed to ride all my boards except my alpine boards! I rode my Yes Optimistic when we had powder, it's super agile in trees with a sub 6m sidecut, loads of float, and super fun for tight carves on groomers. It's my "I don't know what to expect' board. My Sims Terry Kidwell was great for blasting around all-mountain with clients who want what we call a 'Peak-to-Peak' lesson i.e. they want to cover one end of Park City to the other side of the Canyons and back, with more coaching than an actual lesson, thrown in. It was perfect for that, especially with some of the cat tracks and flat
  6. Another vote for the Yes Optimistic...agile, grippy, stable and dances through trees as well as it leaves scalpel lines in the snow. But adding to my list is the Nidecker 'The Donuts'. I got to try the Nidecker Smoke 2021model, and loved it. Very similar to the Yes in terms of performance, but stiffer both torsionally and flex wise. I then discovered that it was almost identical to the Smoke, with only cosmetic changes to the tip and tail. Thanks to a killer deal from a member of this forum, @Poloturbo, I got the 2017 Donuts for a fraction of the price of a new one. I only got in 5 day
  7. It was everything I'd hoped for...super fast base, carves like an alpine board, nimble through the trees, wicked in bumps! Luckily I got to ride it 5 days before all my local resorts closed their doors. Eternally grateful to you for the great deal...heal well, ready for next season mon ami!
  8. Thanks. There was fresh snow on the course, so it was soft and slow sadly...it resulted in bunching especially on the first bend.
  9. Thanks @Poloturbo! Just got back from BC to find this beauty... I rode the 2021 Nidecker Smoke, loved it, then found out that other than cosmetic changes, it’s the same as the 2017 sexier-looking, but badly named Nidecker ‘The Donuts’...which was a lot cheaper! I was badly disappointed when I got the Korua Café Racer untried, THIS is how it should have ridden! Cant wait to ride it. ps. A little Jean Nerva tribute too
  10. You can see at the awards, dude was a freaking giant! Even standing on the number 2 step, he was STILL taller than the winner
  11. I just got back from the 61st World Airline Ski & Snowboard Championships. Riding my BXFR 160, I was2nd fastest qualifier. Unfortunately I got squeezed out on the first turn of the final. Well I’m guessing he was trying to slow down, pushed his tail out to the side, and sadly my line got redirected as a byproduct. So I ended up 4th in the final, not bad considering they were all 30 years my junior. I had great support which I really appreciated. A great week full of laughs and happy memories. @parkcityss_sbx thanks for the advice! @airlineskiwasc @deltaskiclub @delta #deltaproud #sbx
  12. You have a BASI background? Cool! I was one of the gang of 6 who wrote the original BASI snowboard manual. I was a trainer for 20yrs before I moved to Utah.
  13. I’d love to ride with this crew! Love that they dropped their normally ’all business’ demeanor, and had a bit of fun at the end
  14. I can’t believe I’ve only just seen this post! I couldn’t find a 158 Donuts, so I ordered a 154 from the UK! DAMMIT! 24hrs too late... I could cry if I can get the money together, again, I might still buy it, and sell the small one
  15. Looking great @scottishsurfer! You’d look at home in one of the Korean videos you admire!
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