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    OES FC 169 Kevlar. Donek Incline custom: 162 8.5-10.5 vsr 29.5cm waist. Old Ride Yukon freeride board 159w.
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    UPZ RC12, and K2 Thraxis "stiff" soft boots
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    Bomber TD3 SW, and Burton Cartel for soft setup
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  1. Been looking for a reasonably priced plate for a long time now. PM sent.
  2. Good point, @softbootsurfer. Carving progression is very dependent on the area in which we ride. I happen to ride mostly in Appalachia, in Virginia and West Virginia. We get the freeze-thaw cycle on a daily basis, so frozen slush in the morning and mashed potatoes in the afternoon. Most of the time, the morning frozen slush is pebbly and bumpy. In order to carve, I need to be able to dig through the bumpy frozen slush. I could not get my soft-boot setup to drive enough pressure into the edge to do that, especially on heel-side turns. The bumpy frozen slush doesn't work well with the flex
  3. New Alpine rider here: @johnasmo hit the nail on the head. Progression from soft boots to hard boots for me was indeed a natural evolution from soft boot carving inefficiencies. The body position for heel-side turns just does not feel like a position where I can drive power into the edge. Toe-side turns on soft boot stance angles feel better, but there are disadvantages to these too. Another reason for the switch was medical. Any hard toe-side carve on non-perfect groomers will blow out my ankles when I hit imperfections on the slope. It does not seem to matter what boots, bindi
  4. Here is my detailed review of the OES 169FC Kevlar model from the perspective of a new user of hard boots. Disclaimer: I am a beginner hard boot snowboarder. I have used soft boots and wide boards since I started in 2001. I purchased this board with the intention of using it to progress to an intermediate level carver after having an exciting experience on hard boots last year. I was planning on writing this review after riding some steeper terrain that opened up, but my season has ended early due to a hand injury. I do not want to risk messing up my hand by riding with a cast on. This rev
  5. Hey All, Thank you for your suggestions and offers. I decided to take Québec man's offer on his OES 169FC demo board. I'll place a review toward the end of January in the OES review topic in case anyone is interested. Cheers, -Alex
  6. I started a thread in the wanted section looking for boards for someone starting to use hardboots, and this might be a good option. http://forums.alpinesnowboarder.com/topic/48545-wanted-beginner-intermediate-alpine-board/ A couple of questions: What weight was this built for, and how much are you selling for?
  7. That may be a bit short, but yet another great option. I'll definitely be keeping it in mind.
  8. Thanks, Charlie! I am more looking for a slalom board or a freecarving board than a BX board at the moment. I think this might be a contender if I don't see exactly what I need. I'll definitely keep you in mind. This board would be very similar to mounting plates on my Donek Incline, though I'm worried about breaking it since I'm not sure if it's reinforced at the inserts.
  9. Novice Alert: I'm looking to progress on a more forgiving hardboot snowboard this upcoming season before pulling the trigger on a new board. I'm getting tired of almost blowing out my ankles each time I ride on my soft setup, and I'm ready to take the plunge to hardboots. I'm looking for something smaller than 11m sidecut radius, since the resorts around where I live have narrow trails. Weight: 170lb/77kg. I have boots and bindings. I'm just needing a board. PM or reply if you have anything. Thanks, Alex
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