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Please Help Me Decide on a GS Board


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Hey carvers,

My old 2011 SG full race 180 blew up and need something new. I have an opportunity to acquire an SG Full Race 185, a Kessler Alpine 185, or an Oxess RG185/19 at reasonable prices. All of these can be had with Allflex inserts.

Anyone here ridden these 3 boards or any of them, and can you comment on the differences between them? How do they compare to the SG, since I know how that rides? I liked the locked-in feeling of the tail on the SG; the nose could be stiffer.

I like to push my equipment, and if I can put in the energy to the board I am expecting it to give it back without skidding.

Any recommendations?

-Alex ✌️

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