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  1. I do racing on it so I do tend to push
  2. Hmm at the bottom?maybe its because mine could be older?
  3. It doesn't have a k at the bottom, its stocki can push the board in good snow though
  4. Yeah I'd agree with that, everytime I hid I've its like I go from pushing the front of my board to loosing the back end over ice. And going at insanely slow speeds makes me feel like I'm going to tip over
  5. So ideally not the right board for me
  6. Looking for a good slalom board potentially for my weight and size of 150 lbs and 5'9 currently on a kessler 162 but feel like it could potentially be too stiff for me
  7. Yeah according to the kessler website I'm right at around 30% the weight range for this size board Does this necessarily mean it's a bad board though?
  8. What are some feedback signs you might get from your board saying its too stiff for your body weight? Startibg to feel like my kessler 162 could either be too stiff for my 5'9 150 body or my technique still needs working on
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