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  1. I did waxing and sharpening edges at the same time. No base grinds to my knowledge. I have kept the stock angles. @barryj I have many years of experience learning from professional tuners on and off a race course. If it's the condition of the board you are concerned about, then there is not much to be concerned about given that I have been able to keep the board in as good of condition as possible given the riding on the east coast conditions.
  2. No, everything is the same, I tuned it quite often
  3. 12 or so times @barryj
  4. Not sure which boots they are, I think they are called 324. Been used for 3 seasons and still got lift in them. They have an intuition power wrap liner in them. $50 plus shipping
  5. Yup that's the previous owner of the board. Thanks for providing better insight!
  6. I believe it's going to be 50.8 cm from the center of the square 2x2 holes to the center of the square of the other 2x2 holes@daveo, unless your figure are the distance from the holes that are in line
  7. 20 inches center to center
  8. Here's a picture of the board sans binder.
  9. It's also got 2x4 mountain for the reccomended stance on the board drilled.
  10. Thanks for the clarification @big mario, I will have time to do so in the next day or so. @daveo that sounds about right given its looks and the time that the previous owner kept the board for.
  11. Not sure what year, was never told what year this model is, if I had to take a guess, maybe somewhere a few years prior to 2020. It's only had 1 season before me. Also what is a sans binder photo?
  12. I've been using 87 degrees or so on the edge angles. And the waist width is around 20 cm.
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