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What percentage of your riding are Non Stop, T to B  

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  1. 1. What percentage of your riding are Non Stop, T to B

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    • 50%
    • 25% and below

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the only times I haven't done T 2 B runs is when I was with a few 'skier' buddies, who I learned make a habit of stopping 2-3 times mid run, every run...

Heck, I only stopped because I thought something was going horribly wrong with them and/or their gear:freak3:

Now I just fly-by

of-course the hills I frequent, at 750' - 1500' don't have the vertical to really make T 2 B runs all that tough

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As I age and get fatter the non-stops get fewer.

When I'm fresh in the morning 2k vert is doable. I can yoyo the triple chair on the face a few times but it's under 900 vert but all double & single black. On easy cruizers it's no problem till I start getting tired later in the day.

That said I'd rather catch my breath than make weak turns at the bottom.

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Well I ride top-top bottom 100% at home:

<iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/20111958?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0&color=4A91C3" width="400" height="225" frameborder="0"></iframe>

But at a resort it's more like 75% as I get lost or have to wait for people etc.

I don't like stopping and starting though, it breaks the flow. Unless I'm unfit in which case I need to hide behind a pylon and pant every few minutes.

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Slight hijack! can we factor in whether you are a fair weather rider. Two hour perfect groom or diehard 8:30 to 4:30. Big difference as i find that most hardbooters are gone by noon. In my younger days (three kids in tow) no one would dare show weakness or admit to being tired before 4:30.:o

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I'm older and in good shape so i like to go top to bottom. For me it's a perpetual, flowing rhythm that i have a hard time interrupting by stopping (i do the same with motocross and cyclocross/mtn biking). If i stop, it wastes 3-4 turns before i'm back in the groove. I also Que up a good song on the ipod when i get off the lift. I unfortunately for most, sing my music selection a bit loud while i'm riding, which makes for good entertainment for the people riding the lifts. The no stopping means most of the time i ride by myself, which i like (if my wife is reading-she is also a strong carver and i like riding best with her:1luvu:). This is the way i like to ride--not trying to wienie joist with anyone here.

I just love carving. Sorry for writing a autobiography.

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What percentage of your riding is done leaving one line top to bottom?

I think most are missing SBS's original question: Do you CARVE all the way down every run, not asking if you never stop.

At home on sub 500' trails I never stop and try to carve every turn except for stopping for the lift line or encountering traffic. In someplace like Aspen I follow the same goal for carving, and stop when I'm tired - my fun level is not tied to the number of vertical feet I've covered. When I'm with others we stop at least a couple of times per run to let all parties re-group - it sucks losing people from the group.

I've made the realization that when I'm at home, I ride the lift up for 6 or 7 minutes. Then down for less than a minute. Counting a short lunch break, I'm actually riding for around 1 hour out of 7 hours at the hill, and that's assuming there are no lift lines. No wonder I don't have to stop!

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I was in the 25% group.

I refuse to ride amongst others unless it is a necessity. With 3400 vert I rarely ride the whole thing, but individual shots all over the hill I do try to ride without stopping. With this big of hill I often will do 20 to 30 hard turns and then stand up and do a little more finished turn for 10 or 20 and then drop it back down low for the g force turn.

I did do a top to bottom Super G once with a time of 2:43, for 3,100 vert on the Warm Springs side.

I don't know too many riders or skiers who will charge hard for more than a minute or two without stopping, but I am sure you do. For me racing and hard carving are equally intense. Sometimes I stand and do a more surfy lazy carve and can do that for the whole run, but it doesn't yield the same intensity and adrenaline.

Those in the 100% group need to go to bigger mountains or ride harder. :rolleyes:

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Funny, I almost never ride nonstop on my home hill, and it's only about 860' vertical. There are a couple spots where I can stop and see almost all the way up the run, and I do stop and look - it's mostly racers here and they're mighty fast so I want to know who's behind me. (I watch who is on the lift for the same reason, and look uphill every other turn...) Was doing some nonstops at Buttermilk though, last day of SES - sweet! But there are built-in rests, what with cat tracks and low angle sections. :)

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On my little local hill I'll go top to bottom almost always but on a real mountain essentially never when riding - just too much load and after 30-40 turns my legs and feet get wonky. On skis I'll go nonstop MOST of the time, though, and very, very fast, unless I'm with family or something.

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I seldom go top to bottom. Reasons are numerous: to lazy, to unfit, to scared to drop the headwall behind the blind corner, waiting for friends, filming, or simply I ate it...

Key to great riding? Maybe key to great fittness and fluidity... Otherwise, gret turns are great turns, weather is just 3 or 30... Speaking of wich, if my legs are tosted after 25, I'd rather relax for a minute and then do another great 15, then just flip-flop all the way to the bottom, or risk an injury.

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I rarely go all the way to the top, at least on my board. The slopes at the top are crappy. Still, on skis, I carve top to bottom at full chat every day unless I have slopes to close. After all, don't wanna be late home in the evening, so best scream it, right? 3000' vert or so.

If I'm hanging around on the smaller slopes (around 1000' vertical), then sure, I can carve direct top to bottom all day, as long as no tourists get in the way. After about 2000' vert, the ol' legs start getting tired after a couple of runs, and stops get more frequent. Although they often happen over a "p'tit blanc" in the cabin at the top of the lift :)

The main problem, though, is tourists. I am totally tourist-averse (part of which comes from riding in a resort jacket), so buzzing them is not really an option.

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