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  1. I've just finished two weeks of isolation. Got tested after my occasional allergy cough changed. Aside from the cough, I had body aches like a bad flu, occasional chills, joint pain, but no fever. Tight chest for a few days, but SpO2 stayed about 96. Indigestion, painful wind, and finally diarrhea. Easily slept sixteen hours a day. My wife symptoms were similar, but she had headaches too. Just thankful it was not worse. I now think the most likely source of the infection was my wife's kindergarten classroom. The week before symptoms started had been the last week of hybrid, and the schoo
  2. This is why I'm not teaching this year. Too many people who don't take the virus seriously.
  3. Tried the corn dog method. Putting hot corn dogs in the boots distorted the custom footbeds.
  4. The "experts" are finally admitting that virus on surfaces is not how the virus is spreading, It's airborne. Most of the sanitizing surfaces is window dressing for the public. The annoying thing about this is that many virologist were telling us that back in March. If you go to the gym and you don't breathe heavily, you are doing something wrong.
  5. I have always struggled to put cold boots on in the best of times. My solution has been to use one of those corn filled hot bags wrapped in a towel, between the boots in the boot bag. Vary how hot you heat the corn bag and how many wraps of towel, depending on the air temp and how long the boots will be in a cold vehicle. If your boot bag isn't insulated, use a large freezer shopping bag. https://www.amazon.com/Microwavable-Filled-Heating-Washable-Cotton/dp/B00IA98YNI/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=Microwavable+Corn+Filled+Heating+Pad&qid=1605798119&s=hpc&sr=1-4
  6. All outdoor recreation areas like skating rinks, ski hills and parks can still operate, but their indoor areas will be closed.
  7. That's one way to restrict the numbers Actually from a business point of view it makes sense. If you have to restrict numbers, restrict it to the people willing to pay the most.
  8. I heard the best groomer driver at Afton moved to Buck a couple of seasons ago. Definitely some improved grooming at BH. We get good groom within a day or so of snow making, no more week of rough chop. Also no more "can't groom because it's too warm" crap.
  9. So the great thing about the local hills is the chance to board after work/evenings. As Bobble said, Buck often has a lot of ski racing, but can be good and convenient if you pick your times. Hyland is not so convenient to nip in for a couple of hours, because of remote parking. If you have weekday mornings free, Buck has cheap morning tickets, and the runs are nearly empty. The G-team is based at Hyland and they might be looking for coaches. Karl would be the person to ask https://forums.alpinesnowboarder.com/profile/364-scuff/
  10. You should have cut up an old snowboard to make a mini sled
  11. A significant number of people in the US believe the conspiracy theory that the number of COVID deaths is greatly exaggerated. The calculation for seasonal flu deaths includes many deaths that were not caused by the flu alone. In the past we have always accepted these flu death numbers as the real cost of the flu virus - If there were no flu, these people would not have died. Comparing excess deaths in the US to those in Europe, shows that there may be a significant under count of COVID deaths in the US. Political pressure may be partly to blame.
  12. I guess the wind direction would make a difference, Not so good when the winds blows uphill at the same rate as the lift moves, or across the chair from the other person.
  13. I don't think having two people on a quad would ever be an issue. With the air movement, exhaled breath dispersion should negate any chance of inhaling an infectious viral dose.
  14. It was only when the scientific community became very vocal in denouncing the vaccine myths propagated by the anti-vaxers, that the general public became better informed. The only difference between anti-vaxers and those dismissing the science involved in the pandemic, is that there is little political or financial gain in promoting anti-vax theories. Most people will only distrust mainstream science when they are encouraged to do so by those with an agenda.
  15. Check out the names authoring the study linked below. If they sound familiar, it's because many appear on the study in the CDC article. The science of masks, and their effectiveness is way more complicated than I would ever have imagined several months ago. I think most people still don't understand that there is an infectious viral dose required for a viral infection to take hold. Because there can be no human experiments with COVID-19, that dose is as yet unknown. Any measure that reduces the the infectious viral load, might make the difference between an infection taking hold, o
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