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  1. What a absolutely rad as hell adventure!!! Thanks for sharing!!
  2. Posting it twice doesn’t make it any funnier, or less racist.
  3. @eardragger also has a Ride Timeless that he is fond of, I believe.
  4. It would be clever to order a board with custom topsheet graphics, and include a little statement near the bindings (since one tends to go through the bindings with a cable lock) to the effect of “Custom board and topsheet. Steal it, and you will be caught.” It may or may not work as a preventative defense, but if it is stolen it’ll still be easy to find by sending photos to pawnshops and searching ebay.
  5. I had an A-frame for awhile. It wasn’t all that great IMO.
  6. I don’t think anyone is arguing that laws and rules prevent poor judgement. Well designed laws and regulations can substantially assist our ability to remove those with poor judgement from the roads before their behavior precipitates needless harm, and I am very much in favor of that. Preventing needless harm, and promoting the well being of the general population above an individual’s right to behave selfishly and harmfully is how we advance as a society. There is a worthwhile cost levied upon everyone’s freedom associated with that. In any functioning society: an individual’s free
  7. Jesus does that suck. Texting and driving is a goddamn epidemic of the worst kind. It should be treated like a DUI, regardless of whether there was a fatality, or you were just caught doing it at a stop light. That is the only way to fix this; people are just entirely too selfish, screen-addicted, and overconfident.
  8. Wow, so: the plaintiff is totally screwed because the defendant has no money. That’s horrifying. Yikes!
  9. Is this: no mandatory insurance to own a car, or no mandatory insurance to drive a car on public roads? That is uhh ... pretty wild. What happens if a young, impoverished, legally uninsured motorist maims someone innocently going about their day and puts them in the hospital? What if the person they harmed cannot afford good health insurance? And has dependents? What if they crash into a business and cause massive amounts of damage? I’m genuinely curious.
  10. Lolz. This is so awesome. In my fantasy dream world you rebutted that painfully bad testimony like Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny, when she busted out a bunch of @johnasmo youtube videos to demonstrate how snowboarders actually turn, causing the plaintiff to dismiss all charges—and then everyone in the jury ran out to buy Coliers and Doneks so they could rip killer turns just like Joe Pesci does. That’s how it went right???
  11. Me too: done with weekends. I don’t ride nearly as much as I used to but I enjoy it WAY more. I just take a few week-long trips a year now. I’ll ride weekends for pow/trees and to hang with friends but no trying to charge hard on the weekends — I just don’t enjoy it.
  12. I almost never wear a bike helmet nowadays (though I was in the habit of wearing one when I was biking in traffic everyday in NYC). I personally don’t find them uncomfortable at all. I just don’t see the point of bringing one if you’re not going to wear it. Technically you are required to wear one, but not once in my ten years riding one did I see a cop hassle somebody for abstaining.
  13. When I lived in NYC a huge majority of the food-delivery dudes on bikes would clip their helmets to their handlebars, and keep them there all day. Like they’d be biking around in NYC traffic, with their helmet dangling off of their handlebars and and not their heads. Never understood that at all, it’s like they thought they were some kind of dashboard ornament for bikes? People are fascinating.
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