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Updated: Carving megastore store in Kanda


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Well actually it's a 9 store megastore stocking snow stuff... Victoria Main Store, Kanda. Kanda area has the highest concentration of snow related shops I've seen.

Some notes:

  • Granger's seems to be the main waterproofing brand there. That's the one I use, also, coincidentally.
  • Dominator wax was stocked in a lot of stores
  • Didn't see Driver X in any store, but they had almost every boot in Asian fit.

Hardboot stuff:

  • Mountain Slope, Deeluxe, UPZ, G-Style (accessories until the new boots are released), F2, PHK, ALC, VIST, Iron Rock, SG, Kessler, Black Pearl, BC Stream, Gray, AMICSS.
  • No Oxess or Allflex. One of the SG Pro Riders I met was using an Iron Rock, also.
  • By the way, F2 Speedster 185 WC == STIFFEST board I've ever felt.








Softboot stuff:

Yonex, BC Stream, Gray, Elan, SG, Black Pearl, One, Moss, F2, AMICSS.

Didn't really bother with boot or binding photos. Nothing special there, except the new Yonex, which I can't find the photo and the new Flow. Deeluxe Edge looks like a great design for a softboot. A few riders use these on the hill, also.

From the shop:

  • Deeluxe Edge look like the best (what does best even mean?) carving boot
  • Flow NX2-CX look like the best binding
  • Gray Desperado Type R looks like the best board
  • Large stock of Unicant
  • These cool cant things that come with angles washers so the bolt stays straight

From the hill:

  • A lot of people are riding Unicant and swear by them. One guy has power plates.
  • Stiffeners like the Powerride are big in Japan, but I didn't see them in person in this shop, though
  • People are using power straps around the top of their boots to stiffen them


This may be of interest to some:

Flow NX2-CX Vs. NX2-GT

CX has higher highback

The 'heelcup' beginning on highback on CX starts higher

CX highback is WAY stiffer

The highest points on the highback are reversed on the CX compared to the default position on the NX2, which many have noted (@svr and some others) they have swapped these anyway

Didn't check to see whether the highback has a 'small' and 'large' position like the NX2-GT (but unlike the NX2, funnily)

The CX has the NX2 (not NX2-GT) footbed (cantbed?)
















Not snowboard related, but the inner nerd in me (who am I kidding, I'm all nerd- in and out) was awakened in an electronics store which was multiple times bigger than the electronics market in Shenzhen, when I found what I use to carve up (so carving related) my posts, which simultaneously mock @pauleleven and infuriate @Corey (oh and all my research for work, but that's meaningless compared to this, right?!!). For probably one other massive nerd apart from me on the forum, this is for you, whoever you are. Topre Keyboards!






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16 minutes ago, SunSurfer said:

So @daveo , can we take it you didn't walk out empty handed?

Correct! I bought my partner a leash for JPY500. 75% off. Not exactly the most exciting thing, I know. 😄

That's literally all I bought.

Was close to buying those neoprene boot covers but didn't feel like they were very safe in the bails. 

The experience was cool though. In Kanda there might be something like 50 snow shops on one street!

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1 hour ago, scottishsurfer said:

the blue symarc? the bigger one says its 160. looking at the website its not the current years graphic so it could have been softer in previous years or is it just really soft in the nose daveo?

Good pick up. It was actually the BC Stream RX 174! The black one. I remember it was leftmost in the rack and that it was huge!

The whole thing was flexy, not just the nose. Remember testing that. 

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