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    currently near Bellingham, WA
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    wherever the snow is!
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    Custom Tinkler 202 Swallowtail<br />
    2003-2004 Rad-Air Tanker 200 Crown<br />
    2012 Rad-Air Tanker 200 Prototype (x2)<br />
    2012-2013 Rad-Air Tanker 200<br />
    2013-14 Rad-Air Tanker 200<br />
    2017 Super 6'7 Maverick 200
    2017 Maverick Cheater 200
  • Current Boots Used?
    Burton Driver X
  • Current bindings and set-up?
    Flow NX2-GT<br />
    Apex Gecko Stealth Plates
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  • Hardbooting since

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  1. Awesome stuff @dredman! Thanks for sharing that.
  2. No changes for the most part for next year except the Ion and Photon SO boots get Vibram soles, a new Genesis and Escapade StepOn binding and new toe hook 2.0 for all bindings…from Burton guides, “we should all be able to purchase/acquire the new toe hook 2.0 to upgrade any older bindings.”
  3. So after two ankle strap failures from two different companies since selling my StepOn setup, I have decided to go for a second round with the StepOn X and Ion StepOn boots. I already machined down some screws to give me more forward lean and added power straps to the boots and am now just waiting for the 2022 bindings to be released as Burton has said they will make the new Toe Hook 2.0 available to previous StepOn owners (probably have to buy them, but I am ok with that). I also intend to make a couple mods/additions to my boot liners for added lateral support. looking forward to this winter and trying out the mods I am planning. Will post feedback after getting back on snow. cheers, sandy
  4. You are always welcome to join @slopestar and I on our softies
  5. svr

    Yo Lci!!

    Was cool to get some turns with you this morning!
  6. svr

    Yo Lci!!

    Very cool to hang out with you all...look forward to riding more with everyone.
  7. svr

    Yo Lci!!

    Was a great morning ride with Chair 9 open and 6-10 inches of pow (or more in the drifted areas). see you all again tomorrow
  8. svr

    Yo Lci!!

    See you there!
  9. svr

    Yo Lci!!

    I am looking to head up to Loveland this weekend...what day is best to meet all of you? cheers, sandy
  10. Thanks @big mario I will check them out...hope to hook up with you guys for some turns before the season ends.
  11. Where is the recommended shop for race quality tuning, base grinds, and base structuring in Denver? cheers, sandy
  12. Your pic looks like the bindings are perfectly set with your boots. I would not change anything on that...the only concern on your boots is that the liner is going to pack out a bit as you use them, so that may cause more issues later. cheers, sandy
  13. A lot of great advice provided above...I am currently on a Driver X and 2021 Union Atlas FC setup (I replaced the forged carbon highback with a regular Atlas highback as I found the carbon to be too stiff on both the Atlas FC and on my Now O-drives). I love this setup of a stiff boot paired with a medium-stiff binding baseplate with a medium highback. Flow NX2-CXs are great but take the time to set them up correctly like @JRAZZ mentioned above. I also owned the Flux XVs from last year and found the same issue with the highback being super stiff, so unless you have calves of steel, I would go with the XF in the Flux line and also the Flux’s have almost no dampening in the baseplates as they market them as a direct connection to the board unlike all of the other choices that have at least some rubber or foam on the baseplates. good luck and please provide feedback on whatever setup you go with. cheers, sandy
  14. @RoroSnow So I sold my StepOn setup... I think it is a very good system, but for driving 170+ boards there is just not enough structural support in the boots...I was able to ride them for eight days in pretty much every kind of condition from windblown ice to heavy wet pacnorwest cold mashed potatoes to ultralight powder and overall they are pretty good, just not quite there for my Tankers...they are super easy to get into but I also found that getting out of them was not as fast or easy as regular strap bindings...great concept, but not quite what I want... I am now back on custom Union Atlas bindings with Kazu highbacks and carbon FC baseplates as well as a pair of Union Atlas FCs and Burton DriverX boots. cheers, sandy
  15. @FTA2R Early 90’s (probably 1992-93 or 1993-94 depending on graphics) made at the Elan factory in Austria. Freestyle board 157cm length. pretty narrow stance and waist, but normal for that time period. cheers, sandy
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