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  1. 2004-05 made at the Voelkl factory in Germany.
  2. @Lurch On the Now Recon and the Jones Apollo, there is not any more delay/lag than all of the other “minimal contact baseplates out there from everyone except Flux who have taken the opposite approach and maximize their baseplate to board contact. I have not noticed any lag on the O-drive as the hanger is stiffer than the Recon/Apollo and I am only using the hard bushings. I am thinking to make a few hard snow carving runs with my gopro pointed at the bindings just to see how much they move on the pivots. Will let you know how that turns out cheers, sandy
  3. @John Gilmour yes, I have ridden the 2019-20 Now O-drives at 40+ on multiple occasions with my 201 Team Edition Tanker in hard snow and they perform exceptionally well. I am so impressed with them as I was very skeptical of both the skatetech and their response after riding the Jones/Now Apollo’s (which were a bit soft for my tastes). The O-drive is in a different league compared to the Apollo, Burton Genisis X, Union Force/Forged FC/Atlas, Flow NX2-CX or GT. The only Softboot bindings this year that are more responsive are the Flux XV, but they have zero padding or dampening and are very brutal as they transmit every single thing from the board straight up into your legs and lower back (I had a very expensive early season as I bought all of the above bindings before the O-drives. Should have just bit the bullet and bought them first and it would have saved me time and money). The O-drives are not bindings suited for everyone of course, but they do perform as advertised and are simple, ultra-light, and high performance with good straps and ratchets. cheers, sandy
  4. From what I have seen, there is a pretty big mix of bindings at BX events. recent winners at SBX event in BC (both men’s and women’s categories) were on K2 Formula bindings. Burton Cartels, X-Base are still very popular too as well as a lot of older Burton C60’s. F2 team uses the F2 branded SP Fastec bindings, and there are also a lot of various Union’s (Force, Atlas, Falcor). As mentioned above, Palmer plates are still very prevalent and Geckos can be seen a lot too.
  5. SVST makes great roto brushes http://svst.com/Wax-Supplies/SVST-Snowboard-Roto-Handle-and-Brushes/
  6. @Mac81 the Flux XVs are super light and super responsive, but have zero cushioning and can be a bit harsh on the legs. i like them, but I like the Now O-drives even more as the addition of slight dampening and a little bit of cushioning goes a long way towards making my riding more fun for the whole day. cheers, sandy
  7. @Shred Gruumer yes it is damp and I am also not a fan of the tingy sound.
  8. @Mr.E they are not truly rockered as the base is flat now with decambered tip and tail profiles.
  9. @Shred Gruumer all of the line carve very well and are slightly torsionally stiffer than previous Tankers. The Team Edition 201 is a whole different machine and is considerably stiffer both torsionally and longitudinally. Bryan Sutherland and Jim McGrane have been putting the Team Edition 201 though some great use with plates (Bryan is using F2 Ti-stepins, and Jim is using TD3 stepins with yellow gaskets). Since I am on a softboots only these days, I would defer to them for a hardboot review, but I have been doing a lot of variation testing on the entire lineup with Flux XV, Burton Genesis X, Flow NX2-CX, Flow NX2-GT, Jones Apollo, and Now O-drive bindings and I can say that my preferred setup is a stiffer Softboot (I am using Burton Driver Xs again as my Nidecker/Flow Talons are short) coupled with a medium-stiff to very stiff binding. On the shorter Tankers a softer boot/binding combo works well and both the 171 and 181 are great freeride/freecarve all mountain boards but when you go to the 186, 201 and 201 Team Edition, I need a stiffer setup to work the boards how I want to ride (for reference I am 5’9” at roughly 220 lbs without gear, size 10.5 boot). hope that helps, cheers, sandy
  10. @fishrising, I have seen many using the F2’s and even TD3s ( @P06781 lives them on his). The new Standard build Tankers are a little bit stronger than the older ones and the Team Edition 201 is definitely stiff enough to handle them. cheers, sandy
  11. @Shred Gruumer sadly I cannot as I have not ridden the El Hefe in a long time. however, I did also acquire a pair of Flux XV bindings and as far as plastic/carbon softboot bindings go, they are the stiffest ones I think that I have ever used since the introduction of the 4x4 hole pattern. Great straps and ratchets, no cushion on the footbeds and super simple design with great forward lean and highback rotation options. Sadly no canting at all, but if you are looking for a non-metal softboot binding with ultimate feel and ultimate stiffness, the Flux XV should be on your radar. cheers, sandy
  12. Not quite...O-drive highback is weaved carbon fiber where Apollo is flax-carbon as you pointed out, also they have the same Hanger 2.0 design, but hanger on O-drive is pressed carbon fibre, Apollo is fiberglass reinforced plastic. Straps are different and buckles are different. had a long conversation with Now/Jones rep about this as I thought they were very similar too, but when you ride them you can feel that they are very different and the O-drive is actually quite a bit stiffer.
  13. @deuxdiesel, the Apollo is way softer than the O-Drive as I have both and here is the comment from Now/Jones: “Thanks for reaching out! The Apollos are going to be the most like the Now Drives in flex and responsiveness. The O-Drives are a couple levels up in stiffness. The O-Drives are a 10/10 stiffness rating whereas the Apollos and Drives are more like an 8/10.“ Still good bindings, but the Apollo are just slightly stiffer than the Genesis X. cheers, sandy
  14. @Jack M any updates on how you like your O-drives? I got a pair of Jones Apollo and a pair of Genesis X and am trying to decide which to keep. Rode the Genesis X already both with PowerPlates and by themselves and I must say that I am pleased with their performance more than I thought I would be, but I had to max out the forward lean on both bindings to make them work how I wanted them. cheers, sandy
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