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    currently Aurora, CO
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    wherever the snow is!
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    Global Ambassador for Rad-Air Snowboards
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    2021-22 Rad-Air Tanker 201
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    Burton Driver X
    Burton Ion StepOn
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    Union Atlas FC
    Burton StepOn X
    Apex Gecko Stealth Plates
    JJA BX Risers
    Donek BX risers
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  1. Lots of choices out there that are great for Softboot freeride/freecarve. Deeluxe Edge Burton Driver X or Ion Head 8 Nidecker/Flow Talon or Tracer Salamon Malamute Vans Verse DC Judge or T.Rice Ride Insano K2 Thraxxis It is really going to come down to what fits your foot. I used to love clickers, but I would not trust any of your old gear… I am personally using Burton Driver X and Union Atlas FCs for my traditional setup as well as Burton Ion StepOn and StepOn X bindings. Love them both for different reasons. good luck with your search but go with what fits you best. cheers and pray for snow sandy
  2. Thanks, then everything mentioned above will work fine…good luck on the hunt
  3. What shoe size? Many great boards on market today, but a custom Donek would be great. Jones, women’s flagship or hovercraft would definitely be something to consider as well: https://www.jonessnowboards.com/70-women-s-snowboards Kindred is another very cool brand with high quality based out of Vancouver Island. https://kindredsnowstore.com/
  4. svr


  5. Dave, Mt Baker is not usually a good carving mountain for a few reasons: 1. Too much snow…powder boards are recommended. 2. The last few years the grooming crews have been pretty terrible at laying consistent cord…it is often a mixed bag of ridges and inconsistent lanes. Stevens Pass and Crystal are better carving mountains in Washington, and then you have really good carving at Cyprus and Whistler across the boarder. hope that helps, sandy
  6. Awesome stuff @dredman! Thanks for sharing that.
  7. No changes for the most part for next year except the Ion and Photon SO boots get Vibram soles, a new Genesis and Escapade StepOn binding and new toe hook 2.0 for all bindings…from Burton guides, “we should all be able to purchase/acquire the new toe hook 2.0 to upgrade any older bindings.”
  8. So after two ankle strap failures from two different companies since selling my StepOn setup, I have decided to go for a second round with the StepOn X and Ion StepOn boots. I already machined down some screws to give me more forward lean and added power straps to the boots and am now just waiting for the 2022 bindings to be released as Burton has said they will make the new Toe Hook 2.0 available to previous StepOn owners (probably have to buy them, but I am ok with that). I also intend to make a couple mods/additions to my boot liners for added lateral support. looking forward to this winter and trying out the mods I am planning. Will post feedback after getting back on snow. cheers, sandy
  9. You are always welcome to join @slopestar and I on our softies
  10. svr

    Yo Lci!!

    Was cool to get some turns with you this morning!
  11. svr

    Yo Lci!!

    Very cool to hang out with you all...look forward to riding more with everyone.
  12. svr

    Yo Lci!!

    Was a great morning ride with Chair 9 open and 6-10 inches of pow (or more in the drifted areas). see you all again tomorrow
  13. svr

    Yo Lci!!

    See you there!
  14. svr

    Yo Lci!!

    I am looking to head up to Loveland this weekend...what day is best to meet all of you? cheers, sandy
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