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Winterstick Squaretail Plus 185

Jack M

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I had a Winterstick rep say hello here at Powder a few weeks ago, If I wasn't an idiot I would have remembered her name. I think my mind was on her saying she had the same bindings and that's why she approached me, TD3 Sidewinders. She couldn't have weighed more than 120 and all I could think is she should be on F2's. Anywho,  I'm curious what Winterstick offers. Won't ask too many questions, just want to know what they are doing right. Thanks for the response. Kipp

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Their "kitchen sink" construction using both titanal and q-iso carbon fiber is really working well.  I don't know if anyone else is doing this at the moment.  It is noticeably superior to my boards that don't have it.  Basically it creates a lot of torsional stiffness which improves edge hold.  Additional torsional reinforcement between the feet reduces your ability to twist the board with your feet, which robs edge hold during a carve.  This iteration also has 4 sheets of rubber up from 2.  For the shape of this 185, I based it off my custom Kessler 180 and made a couple tweaks that I thought would improve that board.  That board is a freecarver with a sidecut that averages 15m.  It has some hook in the tail whereas this board is strictly increasing from 14m to 16m tip to tail.  I'm finding it to be supremely versatile, smooth, stable, and easy to ride.  I also narrowed the waist from 21cm to 20.5cm for a bit more agility and less weight. 

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On 4/6/2023 at 7:21 PM, ShortcutToMoncton said:

So it’s a special type of quasi-Isotropic carbon fibre that’s the trick? 

q-iso is a fancy way of saying triaxial.  The fibers run at 0, 60, -60 degree angles, like a snowflake.  The military uses it when they want to replace metal in an application.  The trick is putting both titanal and q-iso cf in these boards, and it's really working well.

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8 hours ago, g.snowboarder said:

Hi Jack! Awesome riding on the Winterstick 185 really big fan of your riding style. I was wondering what bindings angles/stance width your using in that video?
Thanks for your time.

Thanks!  Bomber TD3, angles 57/53, stance width 53cm.  Size 28 Mountain Slope .951 World Cup boots.  6 degree toe lift and some inward cant on the front binding, 3 degree heel lift on the back binding.  Board has a 20.5cm waist, 14-16m sidecut.

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On 4/6/2023 at 3:20 PM, Gossamer said:

Thanks for the response, the graphics look great on an alpine board. This gives me something to dream about through the summer, Happy Turns Jack. 

Mark winklar has some of our boards, do you know him? Can definitely get you on a swallowtail 

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