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Kessler 185 Black With Iron Rock Plate

Heenalu Kahiko

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A few questions:
Why are you getting rid of it?

Kessler - Can you provide the specs on this 185?
I know you said the board is beautiful and only used it once, is it safe to say it is in out of the wrapper condition and no edge work has been done? 
Is it a 2020? 

IronRock - What is on the IronRock? Foot stomps?
Has this only been used once also?
What year is it?

I don't see a price, I see others have made you offers, so not sure how serious you are about selling this setup or if you even still have it. If you still have it and would like to sell it please let me know what you would like for it. If it is reasonable I will most likely buy it. Thanks 

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Sorry for the late reply. I bought the Kessler in January of last year, the plate a few.weeks later.  I purchased it to participate in a Beer League race series. Had to have the best! If it was a car, i would say it was driven by an old man to church on Sundays. I used it in the races on Tuesdays (two runs) and lightly a couple of times a week for practice through early March. Very little time on it. There is absolutely no damage to the board what so ever. The edges are perfect, the base is perfect, it has been waxed after every use by ski race techs.. It is the plate that i only used once. I found it to be to much for me, i enjoyed the board far more without it. Those are traction stomps.  I 57, pretty fit but as i grow older, speed is becoming a lesser priority for me. This is a world class race board and with that plate on it, it wants someone at the helm with more horsepower. You can find the specs for the board on the Kessler Website. It is the Alpine 185. While it is a world class race board it is very forgiving, a comment that is expressed in many reviews. The price of the board new is like $1200 and the plate was something close to that. Something in the range of $1500 would seem like a reasonable price to me. 

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