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  1. I found a pair at my home hill, thanks for all the offerings!
  2. NovaScotiaCarver


    Still available?
  3.  I have a Kessler 162 custom slalom. It was originally built for Ryan Rozencranz . The board is from the 2015 season, and it been sitting in my basement with storage wax since 2016. 
    i actually forgot I even had it and then I Just came across it while cleaning my board bags for an upcoming trip. 
    im in Vegas until Friday, I won’t have the board on me until Friday night. If you are interest I can get you the serial number to get the specs from Kessler. Rode really well, I would say the nose was a little more firm than a stock one. 
    $350 + shipping usd. 
    I will get an exact freight quote the following week from my logistics manager. 

  4. please contact me with dimensions and a price. thanks
  5. I don't think i could do those shells justice haha, I also have medium f2 bindings and i don't want to over size the bindings thanks anyhow, good luck selling them!
  6. Any alpine boots, preferably lightly used or able to hold out for a few more years. anybody offering please message!!
  7. I am a young rider getting into alpine, i have a 170 prior WCR right now. I would like to get a Kessler for GS, since my prior has an 11m radius which is a bit small for GS. Any offers, just message me!!
  8. just wondering if there boots are still available?
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