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    Snowboard instructor/Sailing Coach
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    169 Prior WCRM, 156 Arbor Westmark camber Frank April Edition, 178 Prior spearhead, Kessler SL162, Oxess SBX
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    F2 titanium
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  1. Hey big Canuck, have a Prior Sprearhead, its in excellent condition. Plenty of edge and camber left in it. The base is in good condition for a powder board, although could use a stone grind if you want to ride it on grooms, which this does an amazing job of, definitely put down some good turns on board. Would you be willing to trade for your Kessler if I threw in a set of medium Burton Genesis X bindings?
  2. Are the markings on the base are wax or is its damage to the base?
  3. Just wondering if the price is USD or CAD And if you have any pictures of the base?
  4. I found a pair at my home hill, thanks for all the offerings!
  5.  I have a Kessler 162 custom slalom. It was originally built for Ryan Rozencranz . The board is from the 2015 season, and it been sitting in my basement with storage wax since 2016. 
    i actually forgot I even had it and then I Just came across it while cleaning my board bags for an upcoming trip. 
    im in Vegas until Friday, I won’t have the board on me until Friday night. If you are interest I can get you the serial number to get the specs from Kessler. Rode really well, I would say the nose was a little more firm than a stock one. 
    $350 + shipping usd. 
    I will get an exact freight quote the following week from my logistics manager. 

  6. please contact me with dimensions and a price. thanks
  7. I don't think i could do those shells justice haha, I also have medium f2 bindings and i don't want to over size the bindings thanks anyhow, good luck selling them!
  8. Any alpine boots, preferably lightly used or able to hold out for a few more years. anybody offering please message!!
  9. I am a young rider getting into alpine, i have a 170 prior WCR right now. I would like to get a Kessler for GS, since my prior has an 11m radius which is a bit small for GS. Any offers, just message me!!
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