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Kessler Alpine 162 SL - Custom Made - UPM + 4x4 - Excellent Condition


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This board was custom made by Hansjuerg Kessler.

The board has only been used six times and it's in excellent condition. This was my race day only board.

Length: 162 cm
Waist width: 20.5 cm (custom)
Side cut: KST SL (7-12 m range)
Topsheet: Black P-tex
Inserts: UPM inserts, plus full 4x4 insert pack

Kessler Gold Medal Basegrind and Structure
Race Tune: 3 degree sidewall and 1 degree base bevel

The middle area is slightly softer than a stock 162 and the nose area is slightly stiffer than a stock 162. This is not a floppy nose Kessler.

$995 - includes shipping in the contiguous United States.



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2 hours ago, barryj said:

Curious what precipitated this "softer in the middle" design?   How much do you weigh??  

In my experience, (with or without using a plate) the combination of a slightly stiffer nose and slightly softer middle allows the rider to create more rebound and it also provides better tracking/grip in a rutted race course. Technically, a softer middle area bends more in a turn which makes the board slightly slower than one with a stiffer middle area. However, (when needed) I utilize the additional rebound (create more energy and release that energy) to accelerate and/or change edges faster. This makes me faster and more stable than when racing on boards with stiffer middle areas.

I also find that using UPM plates can overpower boards with softer nose areas, plus I like having a stiffer nose for preforming drift turns (when needed) in a race course because the nose is more stable and you don't lose as much speed compared to a board with a softer nose.

I'm about 140 but I always ride boards that are beyond my recommended weight range (I ride very aggressively). I have sold several of my custom Kesslers to much heavier riders who said they loved the flex pattern.

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@noschoolriderReminder that one of the effects of using a plate design that allows the board to flex freely underneath the rider (hinge + sliding hinge designs) is that the midsection of the board behaves as if it had become stiffer. Because the rider forces the board responds to are delivered through the axles, and these are farther apart than where the rider's binding centres are, any given downforce applied by the rider produces less flex/chord depth than if the same force had been applied through bindings mounted directly to the board. Maximum flex for that downforce is produced if the rider's mass is only over the centre of the effective edge of the board, minimum flex is produced if the rider is on a plate whose axles are at either end of the effective edge.

Sounds like your Kessler has been nicely optimised to be ridden with a Bomber Boiler Plate or similar design.

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On 2/23/2022 at 8:17 PM, SunSurfer said:

Sounds like your Kessler has been nicely optimised to be ridden with a Bomber Boiler Plate or similar design.

It's optimized by Hansjuerg Kessler to be ridden with a Donek F plate (no axles), which is my favorite plate for slalom race boards and for my free ride alpine boards.  It has been a winning formula for me.

However, it rides similar to what you described with an Apex, Jasey-Jay or Boiler plate.

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On 8/29/2022 at 12:53 PM, barryj said:

Don, curious is it still available?

Did you have Hansjuerg make this for your 140lbs. ..... or more since you like it stiff ??

Hi barryj, yes the board is still available.  I never heard back from lowerslocal.

Yes, Hans built it for me as an aggressive 140lb racer (it is close to stock stiffness in the middle) but the nose is slightly stiffer than normal.

FYI, I sold a custom made 180 Kessler alpine to colintkemp and a custom made 177 Kessler alpine to Jim Farr.  Both of those Kesslers had a slightly softer flex pattern than this 162 and both of those guys are a lot bigger than me.  After they got the custom Kesslers they told me they loved them.

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Hey Don, I would love to try it,  more curious than anything because  UPM/F Plate setups really sing to me!    But I'm a Lot, Lot bigger......90lbs. bigger.  Just can't imagine that even your aggressive 140 flex range would/could extend to 230lbs  :eek:  

Like I said......more curious than anything.

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