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Sold - Custom Kessler 174

Jack M

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Outstanding board, used about 15 days.  Selling because it's a little too close to my latest custom 180, and the wife says I need to clean out the closet! 

  • 10-14m KST sidecut. 
  • 20.5cm waist.
  • 48-58cm stance width range.
  • Similar turn shape as a 168, just 2m longer radius range, and 6cm longer length.  That is to say, this is not a straight-tail racer, but a great freecarver that will finish the turn.  Very exciting ride. 
  • Swiss hand-made for me at 185lbs in May 2018.
  • Factory thumbprint base grind.
  • Factory edge bevels at 2 side, 0.8 base.
  • Base has not been ground, edges have only been touched up with a diamond stone.
  • Will wax before shipping.
  • Superficial base scratches only.
  • P-tex topsheet condition is very good.
  • No damage.

I have about $1800 into it after import tax and shipping.  Letting go for $1250 shipped to the 48 states.  I will pay the first $50 for shipping elsewhere.  Satisfaction guaranteed.


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