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Kessler 185cm for sale


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I have a 185cm white top sheet Kessler GS board. Built for the Canadian National Team. Made for a 180 lbs rider. Couldn't bulk enough to maker her bend in a course during the racing years. But is the best feeling board I have ever ridden at full 24 meter radius. Not enough time on snow and would love to see some pictures of someone digging trenches. Can and will add photos when available. 

$500 or best offer 





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4 hours ago, Shaka said:

Thanks… and just to be clear, new to hard boot carving… not to snowboarding.(typically doing 85kph + comfortably on my all mountain boards and soft boot setups)

still a no? 

Then probably yes but you will also want something shorter and turnier to compliment this board, like around 170-175.  This 185 is a board for good conditions and low crowds when you can let it rip.  Or if you are racing GS.  Loooong sidecut radius.

Also make sure the stance width will work for you.

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