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SOLD: 185 F2 WC RS 2017


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  • Jack M changed the title to 185 F2 WC RS 2017
11 hours ago, Jack M said:

If you're doing Beer League GS on a freecarve board, this board will take seconds off your time.  This is a great deal. @Eboot?

Mmmh - are you suggesting a certain racers’ s ex-NSR is a free carve board? 🙂

All tied up financially waiting for my contra.  Oh and having a set of Beckman inserts made. Oh and saving for MCC.

Also happen to be sitting on an an SG full race titan 185

Thanx for thinking of me Jack.

Sorry @dhamann I am not your man at the moment.  Good luck with the sale, surprised this is still here!

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  • dhamann changed the title to SOLD: 185 F2 WC RS 2017

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