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AFC All Friends Carving Feb 4-7 2022


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Some of us are heading to Aspen to get our carve on… nothing official except for good people and good times. Not to conflict with Montucky… but maybe worth the detour… so far 

Katie and l +10 or more from CO and other locations

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  • slopestar changed the title to AFC All Friends Carving Feb 4-7 2022
On 9/11/2021 at 8:31 PM, yamifumi said:

Thats gonna be a hell of a week! It will be great to see you both!

@pow4ever has the new Oxess!! 😈 

Thank you @yamifumi for such great deal/steal! It's new to me. 
I got couple email inquiry about it; this community rock.
i still need to unwrap my late birthday/early xmas gift 🙂 as i bought it earlier this year.

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Parking a car can really suck in Aspen. As long as you're ok with a little walking and only carrying one or two boards, the buses are fantastic and frequent. 

I rented a car for the first 2 trips to Aspen, and then not again for the next 7. I didn't miss the car! 

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Corey is a machine so take it with grain of salt/YMMV(your mileage may vary) 🙂 

i may be getting old and soft in my older age lol..
Here are flip side/mere mortal perspective: 
Walking in hardboot after a hard day of carving and carrying all your gears on a bus is do-able for sure.

Able to change out of full gears and relax is pretty grand.

I been to Aspen on ski club trip long long time ago:
The Roaring fork shuttle service is amazing.  (Free during winter).  I was in softboot/young and full of youth exuberance.
No car no problem.
Many ppl fly into ASE and don't need a car.

If you staying in Snowmass village/Buttermilk Hotel/downtown Aspen (more expensive) - shuttling seems to make lots of sense.

If you stay outskirt (cheaper):  having a car let you explore the surrounding a bit.  Glenwood Hot spring is 50 mins away(still never been to after 10+ years) but pass by every time lol. 
Driving isn't too bad but there could be traffic/bad weather.
Depends on Covid, some ppl don't feel comfortable on public transportation.  I was on a train for the first time post covid and get used to it pretty quickly.

you can't go wrong either way. 
It will be a great adventure.
it comes down to your preference/budget concerns.

more than happy to answer any Q.

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