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  1. This dog? or that one? maybe another)))
  2. F2 intec ti - I believe Alexey still has nice deal (nice price + no shipping cost)... I assume he ships heels for free with bindings
  3. demo whatever you can more boards you try more you know what you really want from a board
  4. I assume it's not for edges, it's for sidewall
  5. smallest UPZ may work they have 3 liner sizes for smallest shell - if I remember correctly 24 is the smallest liner (or maybe even 23.5)
  6. do you have anyone riding hardboot setup near you to help you on first day? if not: it is ok to use bunny hill first day set forward lean on front boot the least possible (almost straight) - rear boot 2 clicks more aggressive your hardboot stance will be narrower than your softboot one you can think about transition soft->hard e.g. get your stiffest board, ride it with alpine bindings and boots ... stance angles something like 45/37 ... in this case you will have only half of setup you unfamiliar with good luck!!! PS did
  7. Swift bank transfer to SG PayPal to Spain for f2 race ti quite recently
  8. I ride the same stance even on f2 elim, and volkl coal 55/50 50cm
  9. yeah... do it few days a season
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