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  1. I hate these articles, but love me some Bolton Valley. The Burlington throngs gleefully go to Stowe and Sugar when there is a couple inches of fresh, but that moisture off the lake just continues to funnel into BV measuring in feet not inches. It's a short weird little mountain with a great local scene. No a great carving mountain, but when it's snowing...
  2. Deadlifts = too much fast-twitch(explosions), not enough slow-twitch(endurance) training. Too much anaerobic, not enough aerobic? Just guessing as I'm not a trainer, but I think you need to look at the big picture, not just boosting the lactic threshold, because at the end of the day, you've still exceeded that threshold. Hopefully we have someone qualified here to introduce some real science to this.
  3. I got mine earlier(I think I only payed $229) and will be there on my typical 9 to 10:30 weekday schedule when I'm around. And even if that's very little, it's such a bargain how could I NOT get it.
  4. Awesome and helpful. It will make the right rider very happy. I'm definitely lazy and have suspect technique. When my son lets me ride the Interceptor, it converts lazy into glorious speed and nasty turns that make you want to do naughty things like cut the tags off pillows and cuss in front of your grandma...
  5. @Shred Gruumer, how does it compare to the Virus Interceptor Evo X?
  6. Interesting you mention that and mental note made to wrestle the K168 back from my son to try with a plate. But the board that got me thinking about this is the Full Carve 170. For as different in construction as they are, to me they both get really similar in how they ride. NOT how they feel under foot, that is VERY different. But that's what got me experimenting. The FC170 with the BP2, I just couldn't believe how I could ride through absolutely abysmal conditions that would ordinarily send me packing. I've experimented with my Thirsts and various plates, but decided they are definite
  7. I have a few boards that get close, say 8/10ths of the way there. Speaking from a recreational strictly northeast conditions perspective where conditions can run the gamut, changing by the minute, I think there will always be a compromise so the board you "chose" that morning may not have been the one you should have. For me it's a real thing where I reach the point of "ok, I gotta get the F out of here" when conditions go to shit and you're trying to survive the release of the pizza/french-fry contingent in the afternoon. The plate for me mutes my subconscious more that anything, so you're pr
  8. Yeah, I asked Sean over a year and a half ago when he'd have them in stock again. It's not happenin'. The hardware is not the issue. Ordering a low number run of molded carbon fiber decks IS.. I DO like the 4mm Lite BP2, but what I don't like is that I can feel that there is a plate there, not to mention it feels a little too flexy for 6'1" 200lbs, so I always have that in my head when I hammer it. The regular 4mm I'd probably lie better. I picked up a 5mm recently, but haven't had the opportunity to try it and yes it feels sturdy. That's why I thought the AF would be a home run. I'm sure
  9. I'm late to the plate party and have only been dabbling for the last couple of years, but it has certainly opened my eyes to the "diverse" conditions we experience here in the northeast. I got pretty excited when I saw the release of the Carve and Carve Pro, but alas my current stable of boards is a bit "allflex challenged" and not an option that doesn't involve a significant refresh. I get it. It's a boutique industry. Seems most builders here are evolving to build an experience into the board itself, which is a good thing, but here conditions deteriorate by the minute of the first chair re
  10. Step On X released today. Just ordered for my son along with the Ion SO. Fortunately we are the same size. Two thumbs up for genetics.
  11. It's a brave new world out there, @radbadoli. Frugal wife might want to consider that you are a big boy at 230 and the epoxy in both the Ultra Prime and Oxygen Dangerous(I think?) you're riding has a combined age as old or perhaps OLDER than your tender 48 years of time, unless you've already paid the life insurance premium, then well she may not care. I would also probably steer clear of the X-Bones as well for the same big-boned reason. TD2's all day, every day. You can usually find them at a frugal-approved price. You could also probably find them with someone unloading a
  12. Sorry, late to the party. I have 2 Flux. Fluce? Fluxuses? Both 22cm waist, 8.5-10 scr, but one is a 162 shovel nose(traditional Flux) and the other a 168(which Sean described as a "Bomber" Flux) with a traditional shape. With a 22cm waist, obviously I ride them with hardboots. If I had to choose only 1 board to use in EVERY possible condition possible from NE bullet-proof to waist-deep pow, it would be that 168 "Bomber" Flux. It's extremely versatile and handles everything well. But that's sorta it's problem too. It does everything well, but nothing particularly great. Don't
  13. Listed above is the Carve, definitely not the Cross. See below. Cross LEFT, Carve RIGHT...
  14. I was only there for three days of MCC/1 and my legs STILL haven't forgiven me for it...
  15. Another Cruiser. Treat yourself this time.
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