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  1. Ikon for me and my college aged boys. Stratton is more or less my home mountain and we typically take a few trips. Even with the abrupt seasons end it was still worth it. Oh, and I'll still get the Mountain Creek pass for when I'm slumming it in NJ.
  2. If the Contra is more of a response to the idea of a “metal Thirst” , then it just misses the point for me. I welcome the liveliness and noise. It’s feedback. It tells me where and when I suck. And somehow in the din of that feedback is one of the most predictable, relaxed and smooth transitioning boards I’ve ever ridden. They’re completely unlike any of the other boards I have. I’m not bashing other builders, but what @Freezer said makes a lot of sense to me and is the reason my son rides my hand-me-downs. And they are pretty spectacular hand me downs. But they all begin to feel the same after a while which is not the case for me and the Thirsts. FWIW...
  3. Short answer, yes. Mark builds them stance specific as the side cut is asym. I’m sworn to secrecy on the exact build details. Which is a good thing as I’ve probably forgotten it all anyway. But if there is hope for a 20/21 riding season I’ll make the trip to the Loaf with the full goofy accoutrement of Thirst boards. These are my personal boards and I’m no way involved with Thirst, other than perhaps contributing a mortgage payment or two by keeping him busy building boards.
  4. A Thirst with a plate?!? That would be heresy... While it wasn't bad, it just didn't belong. But I'll take the long drive. I may have the only Thirsts on east coast. Hope you ride goofy.
  5. BP2 4mm lite 4x4. Love it on the SG Full Carve 170, it just doesn’t belong on the XC. I might consider asking him to add them to a non-WARP build, but this was purely for scientific research purposes.
  6. Never mind. Nothing to report. Its good, but surprisingly more responsive direct. It doesn’t give that instant edge engagement when you tip it over that this old ass has grown to love. Found I had to get lower and treat it more like them fancy Austrian boards, just not as satisfying as it is naked. Whatever black magic mark puts into his cores, IMO the plate just negates. I suppose I could put some time into tinkering front to back to find the g-spot, but I’d prefer just to ride it as is...
  7. Shhh... Don’t tell Mark. I don’t think he’s fully recovered from me putting geckos on the SF.
  8. Started with the 8RW early last season, SF and XC this season, a Superconductor WILL be ordered this summer. They're like potato chips...
  9. Too bad your feet are on backwards, @barryj. By next season I'll have the full Thirst range in goofy. I don't need that much of an excuse to ride Loon either.
  10. FWIW, I have the BP 4mm LIte (4x4) on a Full Carve 170. With the axles centered on the deck(front floating) I experienced the rear squirting out heelside at times, albeit on less than ideal bulletproof conditions. Moved the axles to the outsides and that all went away. Bindings were F2's which have a much larger oblong footprint than the circular BP disks so there's that difference, but it seemed to translate to a LOT more freedom for the board without what felt like my rear foot "teetering" over the rear axle...
  11. From the Mountain Creek FB this weekend. Anyone here?
  12. BURGER MENU!!! We, well I mostly, need to see the daily burger offerings from the Turner menu. That may be the thing I miss most about missing it this year and I'm a vegetarian. They broke me last year.
  13. Thanks, @Jack M. Will keep those in mind the next time. We got an offer to stay with some friends near Burlington. Much more favorable forecast up there. Still sugary, just a bush instead of a loaf. It’s pouring here in Dorset, VT...
  14. And the word is out. Not place to stay for me and my boys available for miles. I'm trying to escape 3-5 of "wintry mix" in southern VT...
  15. Bet he sells the skis too...
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