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  1. Kneel

    Yo Lci!!

    First... its pork roll. Second... if you haven't yet, make a point to schedule a Sunday with the LCI. While this is technically my second such exposure to this crew, first being in MT at MCC1, the vibe, comradery, the secret hand shakes, the foul-mouthed women which actually reminded me of home, works wonders on the soul, certainly during these stupid covid times. <jersey>You's guys got somethin' really special there.</jersey> Thanks for letting me be a part of it. Oh, and before you do you MAY want to give yourself a day or two to recover, not just 12 hours after driving +
  2. Kneel

    Yo Lci!!

    That's the plan, Stan.
  3. No sage intended nor implied, but I would ride it till the base is thin enough to see through to the core. I'm not running gates. Sometimes I don't even scape after waxing...
  4. Kneel

    Yo Lci!!

    Looking forward to some of that world renowned Lovey hospitality on Sunday if I can get out of Dirty Jersey at a decent hour this weekend. Looks like I'm coordinating with some appreciable precip as well. WP for the remainder of the week if anyone is behooved to venture north.
  5. Season started with a 3ft dump in mid December then in typical fashion rained/froze every weekend through the new year. From King's Day(Jan. 18th) to mid February was some of the best conditions we've seen in the northeast for a LONG time. After that, spring came early. No snow, 50's and sunny, just wiped out the spectacular base. Really a wacky season. Rode just about every weekday at Stratton for that month stretch with little to no crowds, till you had to hide on the weekends from the throngs of NY/NJ license plates. Steamboat in March, back to the front range in a week to close out the
  6. Crunk ridin' Idaho. You need a pimp cup...
  7. If your feet weren't on backwards, I would have driven to Loon personally with all of my RFF Thirsts to put you out of your misery. Maybe THAT'S your problem? You shoulda been a south paw. What else do you have left to try? You may want the plate for the mornings so you don't miss the corn window. BTW, I'm NOT the person to ask if you need to just pack a carry-on. I wouldn't dare ask Mark to change what works. The SCR comes out to what it comes out to. I couldn't think of one thing to change on my XC, though I think I did request a medium flex as compared to my 8RW. .280 if I rec
  8. The is XC is NOT the K168, nor does it try to be. Thinking back to pre-MLK weekend, when the northeast was a sheet of ice, I think I had sent you this picture on January 12th... Ice, grass and plates. This is what our brethren to the west don't comprehend. This is what we have to endure at times in the northeast. I just could not tolerate riding without it. Why? Because, for the time, it was the right tool for the job. Plain and simple. The next weekend it snowed and didn't stop till the first week of February. I rode the XC every weekday for a month. Why? Because when condi
  9. Keep the SF for early season narrow trail riding. Have Mark build you a custom XC. You're welcome, @barryj
  10. Well you know the NJ riding season is coming to a close when you have to hose down your boards when you get home...
  11. Heelside for me has always had the distinct visual of a cat trying to land on its feet. Ultimately that position is driven/steered at the hips as @johnasmo describes, however if I don't initiate IN SEQUENCE, it goes to shit quickly. E.g. hips already steering, but head looking across or down the fall line. Head, shoulders, torso, hips, hold. The slight nuance of how they get there is just as important. Arms pulling in slightly to confirm the shoulder rotation, torso pulling compacting my stance, hips driving closer to my knees, then the upper body unloads and extends, arms back out(shoulders
  12. Kneel


    Meaning hang that fossil Ultra Prime on the wall where it belongs and prepare to say to the Voyager "Darling, where have you been all my life...".
  13. Not to mention he's gonna be chock full of nitrates/nitrites from the log of pork roll I dropped off last week. Jersey BEAST mode activated...
  14. 6'1" 200lbs. Thirst SF(162) is my goto early season board in the northeast. Once trails open up I bump it up to an XC(171) which to me seems perfect. But I would have no problem riding the SF all season as you can hammer it or draw it out. I have an MK as well which is a hoot, especially when you don't have the luxury of real estate, but can leave you exhausted. That being said, I'm presently at Steamboat with the 8RW(184) and the XC, and I find myself grabbing the XC more so even at a place as massive as this a "small" board is still fun.
  15. Thanks. That’s what I suspected, but didn’t want to assume. Cant to compensate anatomy NOT stance. And that’s a great tip that I hadn’t considered when I molded my liners...
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