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  1. That blue Kenworth's vtec is about to kick in, yo.
  2. NVM...they have elastomers!
  3. I'll go with you, @pow4ever. It's 15 minutes from my office. I don't need an excuse. We can make history.
  4. You just answered the question I asked myself this past week about height of the standard TD disks vs the BP disks. Do they have a beveled edge or sharp? I've had my first pair of geckos fail(and replaced under warranty) due to the F2 baseplate edge flexing into contact with the edge of one of the gecko fingers. Once the carbon gets compromised, failure is a matter of time. I have pictures somewhere. But i would be concerned about that before i bought the second board kit and tried them with the geckos.
  5. Then I clearly don't understand the snowboard definition of "damp" which I've already admitted to. Dynamic I understand. I've found the SF and K168 to be very similar, with the difference being the SF isn't as demanding as the Kessler, as the Kessler popped me out of every finished turn cheering "C'mon! Faster! Tighter!" whereas the SF says "Hey! I'm good. What do you want to do next?". That to me doesn't say "damp". I'm just not getting that. I'm a surf-style rider and just don't need that constant goading. I'll even go out on a limb and say the SG Full Carve 170 and the K168 are comparable in ride, but you just can't shape the range of turns on the SG that you can with the Kessler. Kessler = fun, SG = boring, but I'll take the SG over Kessler every time because it's just that much more of a relaxed ride. This is the precise reason Iove Mark's boards. Couldn't care less what the K crowd nor Mainah's(ah not er ) think and what they do out in the willywags is their business, and it certainly wasn't a knock on Kessler. But if this 67 degree weather in NJ, 55 at Stratton VT and rain crap doesn't change back to winter soon and I have to drive back up there to get some decent conditions, I may have to choke a bitch...
  6. @bigwavedave, don't tell Mark, but I promised to finally ride the XC this morning. It was too dam cold to go out to take an extra trip out to the truck and we had limited time on our last day at the Loaf so I rode the SF...again. The SF is super stable in a straight line too. Slopes had me doing 55 at some point yesterday. Don't tell my wife. Thanks. I had the SF and K168 side by side a couple weeks ago and it surprised me. They looked pretty darn close and I know the XC is well, bigger. And @Lurch I'm sorry, I forgot the K168 is titanal and I've ridden that plenty of times and would DEFINITELY not call that damp. But again, not enough time in the saddle of other titanal boards to really be able to tell the difference.
  7. They haven’t had to work that hard. Been here since Monday. An inch or two of fresh per night is all they need.
  8. Hey this place ain’t bad. Best in the northeast and seems to be immune from all the freezing rain. Pickled onions.
  9. Sorry, @Lurch. I ignored your actual question. The only metal board I've ridden was a Donek Metal FC demo for a few hours. But I certainly wouldn't consider the Thirst damp. It's anything but that. It's very dynamic, so much so as I've described to Mark. It can be a 918 or it can be a Prius. You can hammer it and bring it about-face in less than 10 yards or draw it out surf-style. Damp is definitely not an adjective I would use for it. I called the SF a "K168 for adults". I believe they have about the same effective edge, but could be wrong...
  10. I finally put bindings on the XC, but still haven't ridden it. Post Thanksgiving, the conditions in the NE have been crap. I can't get OFF the SF, however, and I have been messing around with A/B'ing geckos v. naked. I keep going back to centered and asym, right where I started, but I have gone from 60/57(f/r) to 65/62. Gecko v. naked, does indeed mute the board moderately, but not in an unpleasant way and probably the most setup sym compared to asym. You also get a noticeable, albeit slight, delay in edge engagement. However, when I went up to 65/62 that delay went away surprisingly when setup asym and on the contrary felt more muted and delayed while setup sym. Without geckos you don't experience any delay, however it didn't seem to want to give the middle finger to northeast bulletproof they way it did with the geckos. My feet seemed a lot happier too between runs without having to soak up all the road noise. I'm gonna keep using them.
  11. Cracked a rib first time out Thanksgiving '18, subsequent to at least feeling I could breath normally again by Christmas which correlates to the defining moment in time I made the conscious and sobering decision to stop trying to keep up with my 18yo son. I never stopped riding while on the mend. Don't tell my wife. Thanks. Got my bell rung pretty good at MCC trying to carve in all that pesky soft snow last day. Made my flight home so couldn't have been that bad. Probably dislocated my shoulder March '19 in Big Sky. 3 months of PT. Don't tell her about that one either. Just woke up one morning this summer feeling like my arm(the other one) was hanging out of its socket. X-rays, MRIs, 3 months of rehab. Still don't know what I did. Still can feel it. Getting old is bullshit...
  12. I agree. I just stacked them and 6 would look like you're riding in high heels. I'm the wrong engineer(systems) to be giving advice, but I'd be concerned about the plastic fatigue over the bolt heads being flush as a point of failure. FWIW, it's a good binding and running the F2 heel/toe lift shouldn't be a deterrent in snapping these up.
  13. You know F2 Heel/Toe lift blocks work, right? Just file down the protrusion on the bottom of the block.
  14. I haven't had the heart to go yet. Two straight weekends of 55 and rain were a bummer to the start of what looked to be a fantastic December. I'm presently up in VT(freezing my nuts off), but will start opening the gondola on weekday mornings after the new year. Message me. Always looking for another unicorn to ride with at the creek.
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