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  1. this guy. I'll throw in a Virus 160 Soulcarver "Team Edition" to round it out. Same deal. It's seen some time, but plenty of time left.
  2. I don't. I haven't hit rock bottom yet to ride that monstrosity, but I've heard it's not bad. Shoot me some dates in DM and we can make it happen. Do you have intec heels for the UPZ yet or your own bindings? If not I have some trusty Burton Race bindings to get'er done...
  3. Just throwing this out, if your feet are on backwards like mine, I can meet you there with my goofy SF and XC to aid in the decision process. Truthfully there really is no decision as you will eventually have to have both. Boots, you may be on your own unless you are M28-29ish, then I have some 325's you can use.
  4. I’ma have a talk with Mix Master Marky Thirsty. I told him I was to have exclusive rights to The Dirty Jerz. Maybe I’ll let this one slide so choose wisely. The XC may be the greatest board ever, but here in the NE the SF may wear the crown, definitely when pickings are slim. When Mark stops making bass guitars and you finally take delivery, we may have to ride The Fridge in East Rutherford for some pre-season to see if you’re worthy to carry this winter.
  5. I met and rode with her one day at Stratton, maybe 96-97ish after she won at the Open, just after Nagano? There were probably a few other names in the group, but I was smitten with amnesia. So adorable and gnarly.
  6. Kneel

    Yo Lci!!

    Been snowing since Monday up here in Winter Park... Time to go home tomorrow unfortunately. Good news is my son will be moving to Leadville to attend CMC in the Fall. Told him he will be expected in the line-up on Sundays while he's there. Of course I'll have to visit often to make sure...
  7. Kneel

    Yo Lci!!

    First... its pork roll. Second... if you haven't yet, make a point to schedule a Sunday with the LCI. While this is technically my second such exposure to this crew, first being in MT at MCC1, the vibe, comradery, the secret hand shakes, the foul-mouthed women which actually reminded me of home, works wonders on the soul, certainly during these stupid covid times. <jersey>You's guys got somethin' really special there.</jersey> Thanks for letting me be a part of it. Oh, and before you do you MAY want to give yourself a day or two to recover, not just 12 hours after driving +2000 miles. Someone reminded me that there ARE planes and they'll even let you take snowboards with you. I'll look into that for the next trip. Last... to my BFM. I can't thank you enough for opening up your home to this weary traveler. Those Coloradoans are lucky to have the shining beacon of Jersey dignity, poise and gravitas that you are. Looking forward to returning the gesture on your triumphant return to the white sand beaches of The Mother Land where there will be grilling, surfing(I may have more surfboards than snowboards) and the soothing soulful musical stylings of James Newell Osterberg, Jr. As always, no politics.
  8. Kneel

    Yo Lci!!

    That's the plan, Stan.
  9. No sage intended nor implied, but I would ride it till the base is thin enough to see through to the core. I'm not running gates. Sometimes I don't even scape after waxing...
  10. Kneel

    Yo Lci!!

    Looking forward to some of that world renowned Lovey hospitality on Sunday if I can get out of Dirty Jersey at a decent hour this weekend. Looks like I'm coordinating with some appreciable precip as well. WP for the remainder of the week if anyone is behooved to venture north.
  11. Season started with a 3ft dump in mid December then in typical fashion rained/froze every weekend through the new year. From King's Day(Jan. 18th) to mid February was some of the best conditions we've seen in the northeast for a LONG time. After that, spring came early. No snow, 50's and sunny, just wiped out the spectacular base. Really a wacky season. Rode just about every weekday at Stratton for that month stretch with little to no crowds, till you had to hide on the weekends from the throngs of NY/NJ license plates. Steamboat in March, back to the front range in a week to close out the season. Honestly, I didn't think there would even be a "season". Consider myself pretty blessed especially after hearing what our brothers to the north went through with closures... Didn't they turn the guns back on at The Loaf last week? That's pretty awesome if they did...
  12. Crunk ridin' Idaho. You need a pimp cup...
  13. If your feet weren't on backwards, I would have driven to Loon personally with all of my RFF Thirsts to put you out of your misery. Maybe THAT'S your problem? You shoulda been a south paw. What else do you have left to try? You may want the plate for the mornings so you don't miss the corn window. BTW, I'm NOT the person to ask if you need to just pack a carry-on. I wouldn't dare ask Mark to change what works. The SCR comes out to what it comes out to. I couldn't think of one thing to change on my XC, though I think I did request a medium flex as compared to my 8RW. .280 if I recall correctly. Mark can confirm...
  14. The is XC is NOT the K168, nor does it try to be. Thinking back to pre-MLK weekend, when the northeast was a sheet of ice, I think I had sent you this picture on January 12th... Ice, grass and plates. This is what our brethren to the west don't comprehend. This is what we have to endure at times in the northeast. I just could not tolerate riding without it. Why? Because, for the time, it was the right tool for the job. Plain and simple. The next weekend it snowed and didn't stop till the first week of February. I rode the XC every weekday for a month. Why? Because when conditions are good, there is no other board I would prefer to be on. Hell, I was just out at Steamboat with the XC and 8RW, conditions were SPECTACULAR by the way, I rode the XC most of the time. Apples and oranges, @barryj. SF, XC, and K168 with a plate. Game over.
  15. Keep the SF for early season narrow trail riding. Have Mark build you a custom XC. You're welcome, @barryj
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