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Today I road a tesi8. 183 cm long 18.5 waist. Miller told me it was similar to an 8RW but it’s got metal in it.  Today’s conditions were really firm in the morning and super soft on the front side at noon. The board worked in it all. What I really noticed about this board is how well I could turn it uphill to control speed and then turn it right back downhill to gain it back

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3 hours ago, barryj said:

Photos Man!   We need photos of this mythical beast!!

it's pretty😍

and I could not match his turns on my bx down catheadral :freak3: but I out surfed him in the slush piles on pend orielle

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On 4/1/2021 at 12:11 PM, Lurch said:

@kram that Tesi still got the lively feel under foot typical of other Thirsts? 


Yeah the whole quiet, lively, damp lingo I’m not sure I understand fully. I use the word stable to describe the Thirst boards, they can handle some variable conditions like an unexpected icy spot or a chunk of bad grooming. This board did everything I wanted it to do.   I got my order in. I’m getting one. 

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