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What will you do when the snow is gone?


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I'm curious to know what everyone here will do when all the snow is gone? And saying "I'm going to Chile!" is not an acceptable answer. :) For example, will you become sedentary and sit around all summer? Or will you be getting other gear out of the closet/attic/basement/garage and getting ready to dive into other sports? (If so, what?)

This is part of my mental "reset," so the loss of snowboarding won't be so painful. :p I'll be cycling, kayaking, and hang gliding...


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Distance unicycling and golf.

And maybe traveling out west to find places we might want to retire.

Short list: Bozeman, Missoula, Kalispell in Montana and Durango in Colorado.

Backups: Wenatchee, WA and Bend, OR

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... in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. This summer I'm going to do some more exploring in BC and the Yoho National Park, and I'm planning to drive to Yellowstone for the May long weekend. Long weeknight walks in Fish Creek Park with the dogs and the wildlife, and rollerblading and cycling on the many miles of paths that the city of Calgary kindly provides for us.

A 2 week trip through Nova Scotia and PEI in July, and 9 days in Costa Rica for Xmas.

We will have snow through to May, though, so there's only a few weeks until winter ends and summer begins. Bring it on!

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Guest Todd Stewart

I'll definatly be golfing. I'm gonna try and get out 2-3 times a week this yeah and drop my cap 5-10 storkes, wish me luck, i'll definatly need it.

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Guest Randy S.


My tendon should be pretty well healed by end of May. Until then I'm doing PT and swimming.

Starting June 4 is my trackday season. What's a trackday you say? You get to take your motorcycle around a race track as fast as you want to go. The courses are all road courses, none of this Nascar oval BS. I have 6 trackdays booked right now. Mostly at Thunderhill, but I'm hoping they'll make one or two more available at Laguna-Seca after MotoGP.

Mountain Biking should kick off at the same time. That'll be casual. Wednesday afternoon rides in the hills.

Kitesurfing is a maybe. I didn't get out last season and I don't know if I'll have the time for it.

End of June I'm taking my kids to Yosemite and we're all going to climb Half Dome. It'll be my first ever real camping trip with the kids (previously was just car camping).

August we're all going to Lake Winnipesaukee for a week. I didn't get there last summer so I'm psyched for that.

I don't know if I'll get to go to Chile with PhilFell or not. Its looking unlikely at this point.

Oh, and somewhere in there I have to do some work.

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Dirt biking in the backwoods (RedStone for those who are familiar with Vail area) on my husqvarna '01 cr250 two strokes with serious mods to the engine. :-D

Save money for a Yammie TZ250 road racing bike, too and race out in ASMA-Racing.com and mra-racing.org

otherwise, i'd be plainly working, perhaps with Poma to do lift construction with electric installation.

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Since I sold my 600 F3 in Nov. I'll be shopping around for either a new R1, Gixer750, CBR600RR, or CBR1000RR. Decisions Decisions!

Other than that; Softball, Vegas Trip in May, was thinking about taking classical Guitar lessons to further my skillz.

Oh and most importantly spending a lot of time with my 7 month old daughter :)

Oh and hopefully in the near future a trip to the Aspen area to go see Fin and get some new boots and a custom fitting. If there are any left that is!


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I've got a 19-mile kayak race end of April (Run of the Charles in Boston)...snowboard legs are good because there are six portages - the longest a half-mile. Then the sailboat racing season starts. I wanted to go to a race camp on Mt. Hood this summer but not sure there will even BE a glacier this year...any reports from out there?

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