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    160 Tomahawk, 158 Madd Freeride, 170 Never Summer Premier, 167 Rad Air Tanker Heli, 178 Oxygen Summit, 171 Steepwater Plow
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    Bomber TD2 Air Ride, of course!! 3/6 disks, yellow rings. Snowpro Race for pow boards.
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  1. I'd ride that! If I wasn't 6-plus hours away I would be all over it next dump! Invite me!!!
  2. i guess I'm a throwback to a bygone era. My first rental board was set up 25-ish front/10 or so back foot. So my learning experience was always duck-less.(Bwahaha) Freeride twin tips I am 45f/30r. Carve boards 58f/53r and softies back around where I started 25f/10r give or take. Fakie was never an issue in soft boots/strap bindings, fakie in hard boots on twin tip boards only some harder. No issue in steep chutes, either, hard or soft boots. So, you learn and adapt, I guess.
  3. Take a USPS or Bank money order? Shipping to 98844?
  4. Been a while since I've been on here. I have moved off the coast and I am 8 miles to the Canadian border up in the NCW. Anyone ride at Mt. Baldy, or Big White? Got reccomendations? I talked with a local skier who has given me some info on both places, but any other rec's appreciated. Anything inside the 2-2.5 hr window drive time is ideal, that's my drive time to Stevens Pass.
  5. Thanks, PRS. ;bout spit up my smoothie when I read that!
  6. Those are some mad skillz! Hmm...gotta break out the soft boots and see if I can get a bit of that!
  7. I realize it's politically incorrect to have ski poles, but I've learned a long time ago how handy it is to have a pair of poles in the back country. They are justified by the ascent. Take 2 poles, cross them, and grab them where they cross. Makes a handy platform to push off of. Mine are 3 piece collapsable units. I prefer the go fast don't fall option. Another option is to lay on the board and "swim" out-trust me it sucks too.
  8. Seems like we have one or two of these threads each year. First, come on up to Mt. Baker and we can have some "lessons"! Ragin' up here now. Now, on a serious note. 1) Get thee a decent sized freeride board- preferably with rocker of some sort and/or taper. Those two will help you the most. I've got a N.S. Premier F1 in a 170 that will do most everything you need. Burton Fish/Malalo etc. type boards work well too. I'm backing off a bit on the go big or go home stuff, mostly because of my knees. And trees. Use the hard boots, back off the angles some, I'm 20-30 rear and 35-45 front. Mostly rear foot across the board edge to edge and front wherever is comfortable. Loosen up the boots a bit. Loosen up yourself a bit, too. Use slash turns for speed checking-rooster tails are fun! Powder is just a different kind of flow-once you have some speed you can do a lot more than survive!
  9. Everyone here who has had one will tell you that the feel is unique. I kick myself for selling my 192 and my 182. The 192 was the best go to board ever. But right knee surgery and now the possibility of my left knee says go smaller. I've got a 167 wide I am doing edge repairs on, and I hope it has some of the feel of the bigger brothers-we will see. I may be looking for a 182 again if this doesn't work like I hope.
  10. Hmm I'll bit-just for fun. Custom Coiler twin tip, 164 and 22 waist, light tip/tail decamber, metal construction. Wide enough to carve comfortably at lower angles, damp enough to be smooth. Possibly the best all-rounder for me.
  11. Rode Timberline today. They were downloading on the chair to get off the mountain. No way to ride all the way down. Snow was fairly good up high, super fast early then softened up some. Ran into Mark Fawcett in the tune center, what a down to earth guy! He was coaching a amputee rider and doing all sorts of trick stuff for him. Done for the year now!
  12. Is it worth trying to go there this coming weekend? Just exploring my options...jonesing for a few more turns.
  13. This is the direction my wife and I are headed. BUT we will have a shop/art studio to house the things we wish to do, and also plan on having enclosable outdoor living spaces (to entertain) in that plan. Those items are what make the small living spaces doable. I am sitting here in a 3 bedroom 2 bath house right now alone-what on earth for??? 200 sq. ft. is too small for us, but add those other spaces (and paid off-no money issues hanging over our heads) then we could do family things, donate time/money to other causes, enrich other peoples lives, and do some snowboarding too! I could see myself working 9 months out of the year, or my wife doing art at home, or many other things that would make her-therefor me-happy.
  14. Well, I think this season is in the bag and done for. I've been twice to White Pass In the last month. Coverage up high was ok, actually got to experience some "pow" today as in 2-3 inches. Better than rock farming for sure! Unless I can get down to Hood I think my season is done so carve ya next year!
  15. Jon Dahl

    127 MPH

    Impressive, separate zee knees-cause them cajones are huge! I cannot even fathom what that would feel like on any board.
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