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    Automotive Tech/Shop Foreman
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    160 Tomahawk, 158 Madd Freeride, 170 Never Summer Premier, 167 Rad Air Tanker Heli, 178 Oxygen Summit, 171 Steepwater Plow
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    Dynafit TLT4's for almost everything
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    Bomber TD2 Air Ride, of course!! 3/6 disks, yellow rings. Snowpro Race for pow boards.
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  1. Until you realize this is bigger than a 2x4, bigger than inflation, than a car, than housing, covid, or any like factor, your perception will never figure this out. Those realms are only the symptoms of some other plan or "desire"...
  2. Never Summer Premier F-1 170, has center rocker, camber underfoot. Good float in real unconsolidated powder. Been riding this for 6-7 years. It could be narrower and still work. I would consider full rocker, and a stiffer profile underfoot. Perhaps a blunt pow nose like the Cask, and perhaps some sort of pow style tail, pintail maybe? Volume shifted and tapered for sure.
  3. Holy thread necromancers!!! I had almost forgotten about this one! My thoughts on this have changed some over the years. I think Stranda is onto some good things with the Bowlrider/Tree Surfer/Nallo shapes. My little 150 Arbor Cask has me believing in the volume shift, and the blunt pow nose is a good example of the thought process involved. Not sure I would take the Cask on a heli trip, or cat skiing, but 2 feet of resort pow is very easily done. I do know I don't need a huge board for most of what I do.
  4. Well, my snow is almost gone, but I've got the makings of a blue run on my 10 acres. Chain saw comes out here soon!! And my "land mines" are horse sized...
  5. Well, take your country back, so I can go north to board at a good resort!!
  6. Last time out, the liftie sez "Is that as fun as snowboarding? Oh, wait, you know what I mean!"
  7. That was way more fun than it should have been!! The tub was hilarious!
  8. I use Scarpa Spirit3 boots at this time, just switched from Dynafit TLT4 boots. One key to flex modification is the liner style you use. A tongue style liner will flex softer front to back as compared to a wrap style liner, and it can be quite different. I just swapped out mine and it suprised me. With wide feet you need to find a good boot fitter. Heat molded liners, top quality foot beds all factor into this. If boot weight is not a factor, I would tend towards a Snowboard specific hardboot, because tuning forward flex is more predictable. My $.02 FOR WHAT ITS WORTH...
  9. Do you have specs on the Venture snowboard? Waist, sidecut, etc? Looks like a v-tail based on the old swallowtail shape.
  10. Anyone going to Stevens Pass Wednesday Feb. 24? If not, definitely going to Baker.
  11. Fear can go pound sand. I ride. 'Nuff said.
  12. I've got the discs covered. Just looking for the cant now.
  13. Looking for two 4 hole discs, and a 7 degree cant for the same.
  14. If you see a senior citizen on a big free ride board with A/T boots and plates...chase me down! Either Mission Ridge or Stevens Pass Late January or early February, when I'm off work. I'm a lot closer to Canada (8 miles!), but the plandemic has put a king size crimp in me going over the border.
  15. We will be waiting for a review...
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