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    Mt. Baker
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    Automotive Tech/Shop Foreman
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    160 Tomahawk, 158 Madd Freeride, 170 Never Summer Premier, 167 Rad Air Tanker Heli, 178 Oxygen Summit, 171 Steepwater Plow
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    Dynafit TLT4's for almost everything
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    Bomber TD2 Air Ride, of course!! 3/6 disks, yellow rings. Snowpro Race for pow boards.
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  1. Ahh, we shall talk...$250 shipped to NCW? (North central Washington)
  2. Hmm, unless they open that border intl B.C. I could be in trouble
  3. Ya"ll are making me thirsty...that's one beautiful stick!
  4. Rode July 5! The death ice was strong in the A.M., but it softened up some by 11. Lotta ski camp action, all the lanes were full of kids. It was good to finalize my season with a visit to the Hood. Spent most of the morning on the new to me Oxygen 164 SBX. I am happy with it-gonna be a keeper. Ahh, now to wait patiently for December...
  5. Looks fishy to me, and for someone who would have to travel as far as I do, almost impossible.
  6. Boots cleaned up nicely, putting foot beds in them now. They look better in person! Thanks!
  7. Hey, BlueB, how are the noses on these? I've heard they are fragile. I had been considering the new Nitro swallow tail but these have always appealed to me. Your input would be appreciated.
  8. When's the big move? Am I gonna have to do a board "rescue"??
  9. I can't believe someone hasn't grabbed this!
  10. I ONLY got 1 eight inch pow day this year, I'd come short of killing for a 2 foot back country dump! Yes, you nuts! But I enjoy it all, even the sorta boiler plate stuff around here.
  11. Sounds like all the bad side of the rocker/camber profile on bad drugs. The premier F-1 has that skittishness when the board is weighted wrong, but carves fine when your on edge weight centered. Think I will pass, if I wanted to be bitch-slapped, I'd stay home and say something inappropriately bad to the wife...
  12. Describe confused. please. Been riding a Premier F-1 170 for a while.Was looking for a board that will drive an edge in when asked, but will slide at will when I ask it. Seems like the profile would do it, Wasn't looking for a full on bx board.
  13. Absolutely! I'm just waiting on the season end clearance on a Never Summer East, think it'll work for the areas I have over here. If I didn't have to spend over a grand on pickup repairs...oh yeah!
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