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Wanted: Adult coaching/camp I need help


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I'm a 51yr old male looking for a carving coach or camp or just fun meet up, I open to a formal meet up anywhere in NA for a few days. I live in Toronto but willing to consider locations for few days (2-4) of casual coaching/riding on some nice big groomers to better learn on. I've only been riding 4 years largely all self taught and feel I've maxed out and need someone to help me focus on the next level, I can do basic carves able to ride mid size mountains but just need nice big groomers and coaching on how to get down/lower and perform solid smooth carves, maybe some video (I have GP8). I'm not into all the tech specs etc just want to carve but willing to change/improve my setup with proper technical advice. Its hard to learn on low quality 500 foot hills in Ontario with few to learn from.  Ideally looking for March 13-20  2020 but would consider alternate dates for the right experience in advance or after that date. I'm riding 169 F2 Silberfeil with F2 stepin's and Deeluxe boots, FrontF 55 degrees and rearF 48 degrees, 182lbs, 5,9. 

Looking for casual coaching by an experienced rider. Please contact me if interested with rates and ideas to consider if interested. 

Included links some of my videos to see my skills. https://youtu.be/6qHY16-izvo     https://youtu.be/imOzWohA_Po 



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+1 for MCC and meet up type.
It did wonder for my riding.  Smile and wave is all it take for so many take me under their wing.

Take advantage of ride board of the forum.


Donek Carving Block:

remote video analysis also work well.

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http://www.snowperformance.com/index.php/what-we-do/camps used to have a carving camp at Sun Peaks resort that I seriously considered. I don't see it now. 😕

I'll add another vote for https://montuckyclearcut.com/. There are casual clinics but you learn a lot by osmosis too, being around other riders. It's not just high-end riders either; there's a mix of people that are all eager to help each other. 

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You don't mention lift or cant, riding flat makes it very difficult to get into the position needed to carve on hard snow, F2 makes cant and lift kits, YYZCanuck sells the kits, many find that doubling the lift under the rear foot heel, stacking two 4mm lifts gives the desired result, one on the front foot toe.  Cant, tipping the foot side to side, is a personal thing, many use a little bit, asking questions here will be a good start, technique is helped when you can get the board on edge.



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