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  1. After my third time back to back watching this I felt I needed to share it! Insane cinematography (3:47 damn) terrain, and beauty! Worth the watch!
  2. Some footage and a quick edit of my trip to June Mountain.
  3. Heading up to Mammoth, and riding Jan -6-8th. Hopefully testing some homemade powsurfs in that trip too! Maybe the Sherwins or June area if conditions are right!
  4. Not sure if you’ve ridden a Thirst yet.... but DO NOT load the nose! She’ll boomerang out from underneath you and send you over the bars faster than you can imagine. Stay centered and find the boards working sweet spot. Being a nose loader myself it took some time to quite down my weight shifting Once I did this my Superconductor has quickly become my go to board. Mark’s boards are amazing and a joy to ride! ENJOY
  5. You’ll love it! It was an extremely tough decision for me between this and the Superconductor. I ended up with the Super only due to its length and my bias toward a longer board. Hope to have Mark build me an SF in 2021
  6. Beautiful rack at MCC 2020!
  7. Saw them (VanHagar) in 93. Very fun show! RIP Eddie!
  8. Oh I’ve registered. Just glad to hear that you were able to open up more spots!!
  9. Hi Ace, I would be interested in trying out a Skwal. I saw one in action for the first time at Schweitzer the day after MCC 2020! I was blown away at how it was being ridden. However that being said I’m not just gonna jump on one at Turner in 2021. Perhaps a Skwal clinic might be worth doing?? Like Lurch stated, I don’t want to die, but with guidance and instruction I would be willing to give it a try. Thank you for your past support and hope to see it in 2021! Cheers!
  10. No straight liners here! This is typical more often then not! Even if riding with a small group, there is no one around you! Yay!!
  11. Myself, and my brother Joe, registered today. I’ll +1 more in the morning!!
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