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  1. While standing at the ski school meeting point at my local hill, waiting for my boys lesson to start a random snowboard instructor walked by and said “Nice Wood”! I said “thank you” as I was holding a murdered out Thirst Superconductor. Thank you Mark Miller at Thirst for making “nice wood”!!
  2. Just wanted to turn! Found this recently, Circa 1990 turnin some trenches at Sylvan/Treetops in Gaylord MI on a Mystery Air!! Next year we all bought hardboot setups. Thanks Peter Bauer and Jean Nerva!!
  3. Doing a last minute, quickly run up to Mountain High East tomorrow, 1-28-20. If anyone is available this late?!
  4. I finally get to play this game!! Donek MK, new used! Coiler Nirvana Energy 174, 20 waist, 10/12/11 scr.
  5. I’m also in the SoCal area. I too can offer up some boards and bindings, but no boots. Here’s just an idea, if you have stiff soft boots and are hesitant to purchase hardboots at this time we could always put a softboot set up on an alpine board. However this is not optimum but it would give you a sense of just how Alpine boards ride and most likely “set the hook”!! There are also lots of boots that come up for sale here! It’s a great place to go shopping!
  6. Yep! MCC is just what your looking for! 80-100 carvers all on nice wide groomers, with a no passing rule. The line is yours! There are organized clinics, and everyone is so friendly, and helpful.
  7. Deeluxe Deemon PF Softboots Size US 10. Bought new last year 2018-19. Worn two days at Montucky Clear Cut 2019 during the first two days of powder. These Deemon boots have the Thermoflex liners that have not been molded yet! Deeluxe rates the flex 7 out of 10 (was stiffer than I like, hence the reason for selling). Have all origanal packing. $160.00+shipping
  8. While riding my at Sugar Bowl, I was at the top clipping in and I hear someone behind me say “I love those trench diggers!
  9. Glad to hear that they didn’t screw it up!! Was Doug the one who actually did the work?
  10. Awe man!! I’ve literally got my finger on the button to book airfare. It’s super cheap right now for direct flights to Spokane!!
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