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  1. I recommend you get off that broken board that will now flex like a broken leg and get something safer not labeled priorly.
  2. So they took off the flexon tongue and added gills. CARVE FLEX Additional reinforcements in the ankle area stiffen the boot‘s flex, making it ideal for progressive freestyle and powerful carving.
  3. My input, the shell-tongue are to soft and aren't keeping pressure properly off your surgically installed pins, which have no ability to absorb another solid object. Yes, reading this thread, northwave was the first and so far best way to answer a vexing problem. And luckily, there's a reboot.
  4. Cant or shim away from pain. Boy do you want one of these, wait till you kneel on this sucker and roll the shins 10 times. https://www.amazon.com/TriggerPoint-Roller-Online-Instructional-26-inch/dp/B01K44LAS2/ref=pd_sbs_200_t_1/142-3377044-8101967?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01K44LAS2&pd_rd_r=bb3d99f4-bd89-429b-9689-666650de6fd7&pd_rd_w=LZpyz&pd_rd_wg=woRve&pf_rd_p=5cfcfe89-300f-47d2-b1ad-a4e27203a02a&pf_rd_r=B8FW0VT0QNSSH6QQ4R30&refRID=B8FW0VT0QNSSH6QQ4R30 The muscle will relax fast with the roller, roll before riding and after, if the pain continues, cant ot shim away from the pressure.
  5. ursle


    Exactly, if you're booting out in soft snow or powder, you're not pressuring the edge. I think of horse reins, the closer your hands are to the horse's mouth, the more control you have of the horse, (I use a hackamore and hardly ever touch it) well, the feet are the first thing to engage the edge, then the ankles, immediate control, if you're leaning your chest over and waiting for the edge to support your weight, well, you're not pressuring the edge. And, if you shove it on edge but don't have an edge, the boards not bent, your boots may touch, a carving board or ski doesn't expose a straight surface to the snow but cutting semi-circular knife. For "help", contact Gilmore...in an hour he'll have you set up and carving 360's, make sure to pay with unobtanium. Or, Go to Beckmann AG and have him set up your bindings so you can physically get into the position needed to carve ice, no cant or lift isn't it, and get some riding tips.
  6. The Madd157 has a tiny sweet spot and can't be ridden in a straight line, it will stop, the tail drags. (old school design) The MK makes as tight of turns and can rip in a straight line and it's sweet spot is the whole board, err, concerning hard snow and ice, pow and soft snow, who cares? I think boards prior to Kessler's decambering are old and in the way, boards built afterwards (decambering) are all current, thank god for plates.
  7. I would think at this point the swoard riders would be adapting soft boots and bindings, mid way between soft and hard boots in stiffness and flexion, lots of choices, warm, and the soft stuff is getting stiff.
  8. Yes, moving back or forward changes the nature of the ski board, forward slalom, mid Giant Slalom and back Downhill. Forward- shorter turns like a slalom course, tight turns Mid-longer turns higher speed. Back-large turns high speed. Aso moving your feet closer to the front or rear edges changes the turn shape. Also the distance between your feet changes the turn shape. Even the tightness of your boots.
  9. Taking pressure off the edge is not conducive to carving, with that said, I've seen photos of GeoffV with a beautiful edge while touching the snow bodily, that's great form. When the board is skipping along, no form whatsoever.
  10. "Still on the hunt for a turny little Bandit" Well, the MK is a turny little bandit, but if you want all day riding now you're describing a schtubby. Bigger radius, damp, ice hold, all day long.
  11. ursle

    FIS PGS/PSL Bias

    In the 90's we had two teams(animal house#1 & #2) ski racing at Okemo on tuesdays on a nastar course, it was great for years there were about 250 people, then. Somebody got control that wanted a dual course, one race later there were 30 participants, now the tuesday league has fun with 30 people instead of 250, and yes, it's a single course again. The Okemo regular weekend nastar runs two courses in the space that one course doesn't quite fit in.
  12. This is simple, if the side of the board my toes are facing is on the snow, it's a frontside turn, if my heel side of the board is on edge it's a heel side turn, simple concise.
  13. You can ship a board for 30$ish each way via UPS, wrap the board-boards tightly, make the package as thin and short as possible, pack boots and bindings in your luggage, unless 250-300 in shipping isn't a problem, then ship a trunk full of boots and bindings as well.
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