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Car nuts thread ?


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A few post in random threads "mea culpa" and other post though that I would like to see a car thread. 

I was obsessed with cars in my 20's and had more than 34 cars with also surf kinda campers etc lol.

And I'm 40 ;)

If your in fast snowboarding you have to at least love a good performance car? Right? Let's see it 


What's you story?


My most performance oriented cars were my 11 second 1/4 Eagle talon's tsi and my Mitsubishi evo 8 at 405 whp and my 12.8 Evo X.

My Porsche 911 turbo 1987 was the best car in my life. Modded to about 400hp it literally killed my evo 8 on the highway. Only 4 gears on the 930 but it was an insane machine. Way too much maintenance.

Had a 911SC. Pure response NA motor.  Awesome sound but way slow. The sound was the best ever with a upgrade stainless exhaust.


Had to sell everything because I was really sick for 2 years. Lost almost everything...well everything really.


Still enjoy a good driving car but have a shitbox now. ?

How about you guy's??


Here some pics










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My first car was a '73 AMC Javelin. After that, the interesting cars were a '69 Pontiac GTO, an 84 1/2 Mustang SVO and my current cars, a 2008 VW R32 and a 2016 Mazda MX-5 GT. I love the MX-5 more than is entirely reasonable. My wife calls it "the other woman". 




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I had a Nissan Sabre when I lived in South Africa. That thing moved with crazy speed, considering it was only 2.0i. I reached 235 km/h with it. No ABS, no airbags, pretty plain, but I loved it! Got totaled when someone t-boned me on a 4-way stop... 

Other then that, I'm more of an 4WD/AWD kind of guy... 

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41 minutes ago, Poloturbo said:

OMG 235 on a 2.0? Are you kidding me Boris because had to Google the "sabre" and it's 141bhp ;)

It was a cheater run though, Sunday early morning, dead straight road with constant 2-3% gradient, for couple of kms. The car got scary light on the steering, felt like it was going to take off... 

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16 hours ago, Poloturbo said:

My Porsche 911 turbo 1987 was the best car in my life.

How I lust for 80’s era Turbo Porsche’s. I’m really sorry you had to sell it but glad you are recovered from your illness!

When I was a kid my dad was really into cars, the coolest of which he lost in a divorce. An all-original healey-blue Austin-Healey bn7. Living in SF means one car is the limit so that means I needed one car that can go in the snow, haul surfboards, and haul a little ass when I wanna have some fun. I got lucky and scored a (pretty rare) 2008 Aspen white manual-transmission sg6 forester XT sports. I think they make ~230hp (crank I assume) from the factory but mine pulls ~330awhp on a heartbreaker dyno pretty much all the way to the redline (not sure what that is at the crank). Nothing too crazy by today’s standards but plenty of fun. Lots of people like to upgrade these with an STi 6-speed tranny but the STi tranny adds like 200 lbs and the gearing on the stock 5mt forester tranny makes it an absolute beast on the highway so I prefer it. What I like about it is most people don’t expect a forester to be fast -it’s a fun little sleeper.

Nowhere near as cool as an actual Forester STi but those aren’t sold in the US and can’t be legally imported. Prolly just as quick tho.







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1 hour ago, Poloturbo said:

Wow QQ that is one mean looking clean XT. Very nice.

330whp is very fast. Any 1/4 attempt?

Looks like Rota's

Seems nicely modded and the ultimate slepper. ?


That Pepe is perfect Billyt. Is it on N.Y. beaches?

Thank you!! It’s never quite made it out to the strip for a 1/4 mile run but I’m sure that would be fun. And yes rota grids.

I’ve always wanted a cool Discovery like BillyT’s!

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