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  1. PM sent on the razor.
  2. Second that. Barry.. you and I took a few runs at bretton woods last season. I was on a 163 full race. I weigh 190 and have no problem on it at all. It's stable, damp and it rips!
  3. NHRider


    I don't think either way the forum is going to get bombarded with noobs listing their "sweet" 1992 asm factory primes with a reserve of $450.00. And if they did who really cares- same result of nobody wanting that old crap other than as a wall hanger.
  4. I'm usually very friendly and will explain anything people want to know. But sometimes I'm not in the mood.. "that's awesome" they say pointing at my 185 GS board. I say "yeah.. It's what the rental shop gave me... this is my first time. Is it a good board for learning?". Just before sliding off and throwing down some monster turns. If they ever catch up they're always laughing.
  5. Yeah. This is 1100 bucks (theyre currently "50% off" in their spring sale) for a full XT build and a fox float 32. That's a killer deal compared with anything with the same components. I paid 2500 for an M4 stumpjumper with XT just over 20 years ago.
  6. I'm figuring at that price I really have nothing to lose. I'm replacing a 20 year old stumpy that still works perfect but it's too small. I just compared the geometry to a santa Cruz chameleon and a Scott scale. They're pretty comparable other than the head tube angle is a bit slacker.
  7. Very off topic. But i know theres at least a couple of cyclists here. I'm in the market for a new hardtail. Came across these guys. German made, all XT 1×11 drivetrain components, fox float 32, 650b, thru axles, all the goodies. They have great reviews. And through the 15th you can get 50% off. That's a $2200.00 rig for 1100 bucks... Anybody know anything about them? www.bullsbikesusa.com/copperhead-rsi-p-185.html
  8. In good shape. With fintecs and BTS. The liners are deeluxe (131's-???) That never got used in size 31 I did mold them once just seem like way too much volume for the size so they may need replaced. (tag says US14) $250.00 shipped in us.
  9. FWIW...I had an MK. Didn't get along with the 18cm at all. Im in size 30.5 RC10's . Would boot out on my heelside on firm snow even running way steeper angles than any of my other boards. I sold it and now I'm on an SG 162 full race with a 20cm waist which I love as my short turny groomer day board.
  10. Sorry guys. I bought them. I think I pm'ed about a half hour before wolf did. I can tell you that's NEVER happened to me before!.
  11. SL is constructed with 2 layers of "titanium" a .4 and a .5 layer... And the GS is 2 layers of .5. Interesting...
  12. I'm sure it'd be much better but still my boards don't fit in it and nobody makes a rack that fits. That thing doesn't need anymore power. Not if I value having my drivers license anyway!
  13. Its much worse than I thought it would be. Really wide tires and too light to be any good. It struggles in more than 2" of anything other than light fluff. I don't drive it much. When it's nice I'd rather be on the bike..
  14. This is my fun car. 2017 Q60. 400hp twin turbo V6.
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