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Petition the USSA to restore funding to alpine racing


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548 this morning. Send a message!

Several wonderful comments from folks who have signed the petition.

"Justin Reiter STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO 1 day ago

This is my passion and my life. The sport deserves the respect and support of it's own National Governing Body the United States Ski and Snowboard Association."

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It will happen in Canada. There is no interest in North America unfortunately. Therefore they will fund the popular sports.

the 'own the podium' program has been funding the olympic alpine effort, but it does appear to be in danger of drying up - see jasey jay's comment:


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Germany is going ahead. They blow-up their staff and:

- are seeking for one more coach for alpine gate riders (Link to pdf (6 Mb))

- and for one more overall executive manager (Link to pdf (7 Mb))

For to progress further, Germany snowboard federation is asking public treasury for another $ 1'000'000 to all the existing financial support they get since Years now from state. They talk about they are in trouble bringing snowboarding ahead.

Infrastructure potentiality needs a push and some more money too.

Germanys snowboard federation (SVD) chief Hanns-Michael Hölz says we are requiring a halfpipe (super-pipe) now. Germany has not one single super-pipe, while on neighbourhood tiny country Switzerland they have 5 ones.


So Germanys snowboard federation ask for the next $ 2'000'000 for reaching higher levels on international snowboard sport events.

For to go clear, that money is more then only "844 signatures" on a petition. Even if in addition to existing money they get.

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This petition may serve to confirm cost cutting decisions. USA - population 317,000,000. 1000 people that care about and love the Alpine disciplines have found this petition and taken the time to sign up. That's 0.000315% of the general population. Ouch.

Don't get me wrong; I have a deep passion for Alpine, but we are on the fringes of society and this confirms it. Other disciplines with very few participants (skeleton, bobsleigh, etc.) manage to make it - how do they pull in funding?

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Corey of course is correct...there is No Interest across the general population, as for HB Snowboarding here in Aspen, it has gone from some interest in the 90's to Zero interest now...the Sport as a Competition format killed itself trying to emulate the Courses used by the FIS World of Ski Racing. This is an observation from watching the Sport from the mid 80's through the last decade...a guess would be, it will be totally forgotten by the end of the next decade...the good news is there are enough people interested to keep innovation in the equipment to keep moving forward for those who cannot end their love affair :biggthump

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the Sport as a Competition format killed itself trying to emulate the Courses used by the FIS World of Ski Racing

That's it!

Yes, even FIS marketing headquater recognite actual gate racing format failed, cause of very low reputation.

there is No Interest across the general population, as for HB Snowboarding

Advertisements with hardbooters on, become more and more rare on public area too.

As I remember me well, billboards like that (from a bank),


showing a strong but clean message, I sawed last winter at only 3 resorts anymore.

You know, it feels that terrible bad riding on places without any of such billboards. I mean I feel lost, even if no other hardbooters are on slope all the day.

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