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    Catek WC and fabulous TD2s! Ride plates on pretty much everything, though I used softies a bit in the 2010 season for hiking. Now I have a split with plate bindings, so I'm back to no softbooting. Stance width is 19.5 inches on everything, with angle
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  1. Sorry for the slow response, I completely missed the conversation on this board back in March! It's still available...the move is postponed to "when the current epidemic is no longer a problem," so who knows when that will be, but the board is up for sale regardless.
  2. Oh yeah, nerds of a certain age in the US have all read the Hitchiker's Guide and maybe some of the sequels...I admit it's been quite a while since I last read it though. There was a semi-serious movement in Portland to rename SE 42nd Street to Douglas Adams St.
  3. I'm glad you asked! I meant to recommend Children of Time, the first book. Children of Ruin was the sequel, which was also good, but not nearly as good as Children of Time. I have the 10 Thousand Doors of January, A Man Called Ove, and The 9th House on hold at the local library...pretty long wait lists, but I'll get them eventually. If you like short fiction, The Pacific and Other Stories by Mark Helprin has some memorable stories. He is a New Yorker and many of his stories are set in that area or around it, which might be of interest. And @SunSurfer Pratchett is great! I was disconsolate when he passed a few years ago. I really wish there was a way to buy all the Discworld books as a set, instead of having to hunt for them one at a time.
  4. Yah, in my view Bill was an anti-competitive Borg monopolist back during Microsoft's biggest growth years, but he has matured. I think there is something to be said for the view that he has achieved everything he hoped to achieve in his business and has now set his sights on more philanthropic goals. That, gaining maturity (temporal as well as mental), and maybe starting to think a little bit about what his legacy will look like. He came up with the Giving Pledge (with Buffett), and the Gates Foundation has been doing indisputably good work in disease prevention since he founded it in 2000. Now, is he doing all this to whitewash his reputation and be looked on more favorably by history, or does he have genuinely philanthropic instincts? Don't know, who cares. In the immortal words of Deng Xiaoping "It doesn't matter whether a cat is white or black, as long as it catches mice." Having said that, I don't think his participation in the Reddit Secret Santa gift exchange every year is what you would typically expect from an Illuminati.
  5. That makes sense to me, which makes me think it's going to be a long time before I get to go back to Canada. Pretty sure it won't happen any time this year.
  6. I've had my eye on Sandpoint, ID for awhile. It's next to Schweitzer and a massive lake for summer activities. It's still cheaper than Colorado, but substantially more when I first started thinking about that area years ago.
  7. Almost all I read is genre fiction...I read Children of Ruin by Adrian Tchaikovsky recently and highly recommend it. Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel was also good. If you have a kid that will be applying to college in the US anytime soon, you should read "The Years that Matter Most" by Paul Tough, about the standardized testing and admissions game. It is almost guaranteed to depress you, but it might also be helpful.
  8. Wow, need a drool emoji for this one. Until I saw this photo, I would have said I don't need a board this big...
  9. Assuming our current pandemic issues have resolved by then, a bus to the hill from the hotels would be great. That would make it possible to take the train to Libby, which is otherwise kind of a non-starter because you need to beg rides up to the hill. Of course, in that scenario, getting luggage service at the Amtrak station in Libby would also be a huge plus. Shuttle service from Whitefish, which does have luggage service, would be a good substitute if there's no way to get luggage service at Libby.
  10. Sorry I hadn't updated. This is sold to monodude, but I need to deliver it to his local escrow agent (aka Bryan). Haven't been able to do that since the world ended, but I will get it up to him once we're no longer quarantined.
  11. The Base Ikon pass includes unlimited days at Crystal and costs $700; the season pass sold by Crystal is $1,299. Madness! It looks like Crystal doesn't have their 20/21 pre-season pricing up yet, but still, that's crazy talk. No reason to get anything other than an Ikon base pass... Just curious - does anyone know how the revenue sharing works? E.g., if I pay $700 for a base Ikon pass and only ride at Crystal, does Crystal get most of the money (after paying for shared costs to run the Ikon program)?
  12. Uh-oh, seems like people are out of shows to binge watch and champing at the bit to watch some vintage Skwal action
  13. Glad to hear it, hope you're getting some backcountry turns!
  14. I'm moving to the Seattle area in the next few months, specific date TBD due to coronavirus. I'll hope to catch up with Seattle carvers next season!
  15. Thanks guys, a sanding pass it is. Really appreciate the input. The latex is well-cured (2+ years).
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