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    Catek WC and fabulous TD2s! Ride plates on pretty much everything, though I used softies a bit in the 2010 season for hiking. Now I have a split with plate bindings, so I'm back to no softbooting. Stance width is 19.5 inches on everything, with angle
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  1. Jeeze, can we please keep Whitefish and Schweitzer secret? C'mon NYT, we don't write articles on ASB about secret NYC organic kale shops, or whatever other destination you guys would prefer not to see overrun.
  2. Disappointing that people are looking at this as an exercise in finding loopholes. JFC people, if the US could have distanced and masked as well as Japan, we'd be looking at under 10k deaths in the US right now. As it is, we've surpassed the number of dead in Vietnam, and I imagine we'll surpass the 320k US deaths in WW1 in the next few months. Just sad that we're so unwilling to do the minimum.
  3. Pshaw, milk? Here in Portland, you'll know it's an emergency when the store is out of oat milk and kale. This happens every time it snows more than 1/4"
  4. Yeah, I spent an afternoon on a Thias Easy Jungle (the leopard print board) years ago and it was pretty easy to pick up. I believe that particular model is on the softer / friendlier side, which probably helped. It made me knees feel funny though, and not in a good way.
  5. I read that last summer! It's great, I 100% agree that he's an amazing prose stylist. The characters and their dialogue are incredibly charming.
  6. I'd like to preface this by saying that I know almost nothing about snowboard manufacturing, but I am a low-key hobbyist woodworker. I'm curious about how the cores are stored; I would have assumed that you need airflow to all six sides to keep the moisture content consistent in the whole blank, like you would for lumber that's being stored. Does that not apply to cores?
  7. As a type O, I must admit I was happy to see this when it was first reported by Chinese researchers awhile back. Those results were preliminary, interesting to see there is another (albeit non peer reviewed) study showing the same results.
  8. I hope you're wrong, but I fear you might be right. Also, I'm starting to wonder about RAMROD being held in 2021.
  9. Some fun retro pics here: https://www.vintageskiworld.com/ski-photos-s/22.htm
  10. Dan

    It'll buff out....

    That sucks! Hats off for your great attitude about it, you're right that everyone walking away unhurt is the most important thing. Hope your next ride is a worthy successor to your FJ!
  11. Ladia, I'm really sorry to hear that your recovery has not been straightforward. Getting run down is a fear for all of us, and I'm sorry that it happened to you. I hope that long term you make a good recovery and that one day you can get back on the snow again.
  12. Question for TVR: We're running at 4x the number of American deaths in Vietnam, and have a shot at surpassing the number of American deaths in WW2 (about halfway there right now). Our national response to both those crises was, I think we could agree, very robust. Would you say those efforts were warranted? What's the difference between then and now? Also, are you aware of the heart disease linked to covid - even mild and asymptomatic cases? Does that impact your view of the virus' severity? https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/17/opinion/covid-19-heart-disease.html - key section quoted
  13. I'm sorry to say that I'm not so sure that online civilized conversation between people of different political views exists anywhere in this day and age.
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