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  1. Oh my gosh SOOOOOOO MUCH TIME! It doesn't happen overnight. This thread is a bonus IMO!
  2. This touches my heart guys! So great to see all of you hanging with Bomber while Fun gets it straight. A BIG shout out to Corey for keeping us together!
  3. Hi guys! Sunsurfer has it correct, I miss you guys! I did find 2 carvers in Pagosa, next season I'll test out Wolf Creek!
  4. Ok, GREAT new update! They didn't actually get this board, it was found in another board bag shoved in the back so they probably missed it. YAY!!! I hugged it. They still got my Unity with bindings but at least they didn't get the Coiler. Man, I am one happy girl today! Thank you for all your concern and eyes for me - I MISS THIS GROUP!!!!
  5. I don't know what it is about me, but people must really LOVE my boards! My custom Coiler with Bomber TD3 Step In's with my name on them, and my Unity soft boot board was stolen out of my storage unit this week. They hit a bunch of them, and the only thing they took out of my unit was a tool (router) and my boards. They dug into my board bag that had skis with Bomber Teles on them, left those and all the other skis, and took my boards. ugh. I can't believe this is happening to me again! So please, Bomber Peeps, be on the lookout for my board. It could be stripped of the bindings but the
  6. Thanks for asking! The restaurant is part of a small franchise, so we've had a lot of help and support from the guys who started the original location. We're the 6th location to open, with the original one being in Frisco, CO. Some of you may have seen it/been there if you've been to Summit county as there's another one in Breck. Opening a restaurant is NOT easy, but with their help it moves the progress along faster. We are in Pagosa Springs, CO, about 20 miles downhill from Wolf Creek pass and about 50 miles east of Durango, CO. It's warm and sunny down here! We opened March 9th and h
  7. thank you to everyone! by now you've read the post about Bomber, so you know lots of changes are happening. i miss all you guys already!
  8. Wow, tears as I read all of the notes. Thanks for taking the time to write them! I will miss all of you guys and all of the events around the globe. I've made quite a few friends here and will always be grateful for them - and hope to stay in touch. Bomber is and always will be a part of my heart so I'll be by from time to time to see how everyone's doing! As for my new adventure in life, I've opened a restaurant! It's a Cajun restaurant and since I'm originally from New Orleans, it speaks to me. I'm also moving to Pagosa Springs, CO which some of you may know is right below Wolf Creek P
  9. These boots got me through years of carving until I finally got new ones this year. They are in great shape, liners have been molded once possibly twice but no more. Fully outfitted with Intec heels and a BTS yellow springs system, these babies won't let you down. Softer flexing boots, great for someone who is just getting into the sport or wants a backcountry freecarve boot. I'll throw in, for free, any dog hair that might be attached. Asking $150 + shipping.
  10. This is awesome, thank you so much everyone!
  11. Wow, thanks Fin for the kind words but you know, it takes a team to do what we have accomplished in the past 15+ years of the SES and 20+ years with Bomber! I want to put the same kindness back on you, as you have been so patient with me for so many years. I am really going to miss everyone - all of my "particular carvers with special needs" and mostly I will miss seeing Fin and Emma every day! If anyone wants to keep in touch you can find me down in Pagosa Springs, CO!
  12. Sean, I already am expecting phone calls from you asking "where's my...." (insert keys, goggles, gloves, mind, sanity, etc). Actually, it won't be the same without that once in a while! :) Will miss you terribly.
  13. Michelle

    MADD 170

    ~sigh~ selling my MADD board. Make an offer. It's only been ridden a couple of times, in excellent condition.
  14. You can turn around the toe block on the TD1s. Response sent to customer.
  15. Last minute sale! If you are purchasing something at SES or for pickup at SES, get 10% off. You MUST pick it up at SES - no shipping! YAY just another reason to show up! *does not include tickets, banquet, or after parties
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