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  1. saturday am was surprisingly good despite the marginal conditions. decent manmade snow, blue skies & no line. good fun blowing off the cobwebs. not looking quite so good currently, however...
  2. was referring to the opinion of myself only; no assumption intended! besides, i can clearly see by your avatar image that you're not a man, but a (possibly) malevolent AI.
  3. one man's opinion, but i luuuurve the orca. such a fun all terrain playboard. if you've got wide, open, high speed groomers i'd opt for something larger radius, but this is such a rad & forgiving energetic tight carving / bump eating / pow stash infiltrating device. impressive versatility.
  4. that's some aggressive splay (and stance width). curious what the benefit of that kind of spread is. i'm currently on 27/21 - as square as i can go w/o boot on on my ~27cm deck. having previously run steep angles on hard boots, i def prefer the current stance for steeps / bumps / trees / all around slashing versatility (echoing rob). i suppose one could actually try it out, rather than conjecture... the displayed skills of some of these guys is certainly a convincing argument, however. that potential more or less prompted me to ditch the hard gear.
  5. black snowboard of death?! *frantically googles for more info*. alas, that deck has about 8" of superfluous tip & tail, AND it's too narrow, but i like the sentiment. i still have to hand it to MIG - there's not much on the current market that measures up to the diamond blade. the donek flux looks rad, but it comes at a stiff price premium.
  6. this old(er) guy concurs. there are a few stiff boot & binding setups available, but the freecarve board spectrum is still relatively sparse.
  7. i've got a rayne nemesis (drop deck) w/ indys - super low carve puppy. def get similar sb carving vibes. feeling guilt for neglecting the thing.
  8. i've seen a handful of the cypress blue jackets working on carving turns on their SB setups. may be a general trend, but carving (regardless of hardware) does seem to be catching on.
  9. ok, this makes me want to dust off the LB. love the chill carving.
  10. the fullbag diamondblade opened my eyes to the potential capabilities of modern softboot hardware, and precipitated selling my hardboot setup. i discovered my happy place on this setup.
  11. yeah, picked up a lib orca this season, so good to go, thanks. will need to buy another softboot carver for next year, however.
  12. heads up (for what it's worth): stolen today (feb 18) @ cypress. Fullbag Diamond Blade w/ El Heffe carbon bindings. why someone would nick something unconventional like this is beyond me. perhaps they'll flip the bindings & toss the deck. regardless, thieves all need to die. really liked this board.
  13. ok, that's funny. need to remember that one.
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