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  1. Are you Serious, BMES 2018 ! ! ! ! ! -----CRAZEEE, can't miss this........... Hearing all kinds or rumors, all I want is some hero snow (or descent grooming) so the 'ole man' can make a couple of carves !! Can Somebody notify 'The Planktons' ! ?? (I called Tony)
  2. " Bling Factor " yes, True Isolation NO. Bling is what sells...................
  3. Wishing you the Best, Fin / Bomber !!
  4. Nice to see Alpine Gear back on the East Coast.
  5. Stop by the NASTAR race coarse and ask to talk to 'Pat', I'm sure he can hook you up with all the information you are looking for !
  6. jp1

    Yo Lci!!

    Merry Christmas LCI !
  7. jp1


    Enjoy the snow. Here in New Jermany, I just opened the screens, doors & windows for the night to warm up the house (67* outside, 64* inside). Christmas Eve, calling for 72*. Oh, and it has rained the past 5 days and forecast the next few. So much for the snow the local hill made & the local mtb. trails .........
  8. 11-11-14, got the bad news from MRI. Right rotator cuff torn (not bike related) needed surgical repair & scheduled surgery ASAP. 11-12-14, may as well 'hit the trails' with some buds for 'one last ride' before surgery. Well, hit a jump faster than anticipated, more air than ever and a worse landing, head & neck, shoulder. Crushed AC joint Left shoulder, deep bone bruise knee, cracked ribs & hand & probably when Right Bicep was torn. Rotor cuff surgery postponed until left shoulder is 'useable'. Surgery, Rotator cuff & bicep 12-26-14 (Merry Christmas) had to bail on SES 15 :( . PT started 12-30-14, 3 months later and just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Got the 'risk vs. reward' talk from my Son. Guess I'll need to forget about the jumps and log rides for a while :( .
  9. 'Rays Way Wax Wizard', no more waste :)
  10. I'll agree with GeoffV, these (Dalbello Gold) were highly sought after a couple of years ago, Tried them, love them.
  11. jp1

    Yo Lci!!

    Pete, Lovey "too cold" that IS funny !
  12. Buggs, not having a 'Thread Pitch Gauge', I'd suggest removing one of the screws and take it to a 'good' hardware store (or Industrial Supply) to check for size and proper thread pitch. They may have a 'Thread Pitch Gauge' to check it with. If not, thread the screw into a nut (guessing between 4-6mm ?) Find the one that it screws all the way into with no resistance. This should tell you the size needed. If they do not have the style or material screw you need, check McMaster Carr, Grainger, Fastenal, etc.
  13. I've done it with Heads a couple of different ways. 1, if you have access to a small 90* angle drill, drill it out from the inside. A center drill works great for this. 2, from the outside mark the center of the rivet, the closer to being dead center the better. Ceter punch it and drill thru from the outside. Again I use a Center Drill (#3 or #4) going easy trying to get centered as best possible. Once thru with the pilot section of the Center Drill you can graduallyincrease the diameter of the thru hole, or use a countersink until head of the rivet just pops off. Push the rivet thru to remove. Once you have one off you can measure the diameter of the rivet shaft, then know what size drill to use in the future. Hint, save the large head of the rivet you drill off and use it to re-assemble using a Stainless Steel Button Head Bolt (using a Flanged T-Nut on the inside) in place of the stock rivet.
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