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  1. BTS - Hands down. Metal bindings second - I broke several plastic ones in the early days and can't get myself to trust anything that isn't metal.
  2. Too many people making good money with the status quo. Change is hard when your pockets are being filled.
  3. Wow. The variation is responses is staggering. If I was the OP I'd be curled up in a ball on the floor waiting for the apocalypse. There are so many variables in set up that there is no one right answer; I think it's great that folks are willing to provide what is working for them. My set-up (note the number of variables underlined): I'm an old school, knees together rider (and I'm not going to change). I'm 6'4" with ~36' inseam - my femurs are long so my lower leg (tib/fib) is proportionally short. I'm riding size 10 Track 700's with BTS - forward lean on the rear boot, more upright in t
  4. Those Shadow boots are 15+ years old so no promises on them holding up. If you enjoy the HB experience good boots should be on the top of your list. I recall some off size Burton disks for specialty bindings, but my memory isn't what it used to be. Otherwise the disks for that vintage Burton bindings will fit. I used to have a stack of them; people would buy bindings and when I installed them I just kept the unused disks in a box. There are likely shops across around the world with a box of them.
  5. If the diameter of the Burton disk fits you can use either 3 or 4 hole; depending on the requirements of the board of choice. Is that what you are asking?
  6. Because going fast in Sorrells sucks. I never considered any other style to make any sort of sense to me. I bought the first set of hard boots I set my eyes on (Burton - back in 1989?). Softies don't let me do what I want with the board.
  7. Boots- I thought Donek had picked up Deeluxe distribution for the US? Sean's website has several options for boots. Great news to see "Bomber" alive again.
  8. I'm wondering if this threads title is being fair. Only one of the owners has, to my knowledge, been charged with any felonies. That said I would very surprised if he didn't have any knowledge that the financial situation wasn't 100% Kosher. Maybe more charges will be forthcoming? I dunno.
  9. Sidecars steer very differently than motorcycles, it's true. I've owned several over the years and they can be a lot of fun. Due to the location of the third wheel they handle very differently going left or right; kind of like toe/heel on a carving board. Making things even more interesting is that they do countersteer as soon as the hack tire leaves the ground. I can't think of a more peculiar handling wheeled vehicle. All this makes for continually changing handling requiring a skilled driver to keep it upright and going in the right direction. It's a lot of fun the fly the chair at speed wi
  10. Unconscionable. I sincerely hope nobody got swindled with her "Career Advice". Makes me ill thinking about it.
  11. Awful news for a lot of folks. Nobody is a winner in embezzlement. I hope the Callens eventually find their way to making things right for everyone who lost money.
  12. Like a Phoenix from the ashes. Rising anew to conquer mountains once again! Great news!!
  13. I decided I couldn't wait for the clearance; I don't want to chance having my heels (and therefore all my bindings) out of commission. I bought a spare set of Fin-Tec heels. This way whatever parts I need will be in my inventory. Thanks to Sean for having a few sets left over!
  14. In my world FAS is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Not something generally desired. YMMV.
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